Nov 232015
A Weekend of Rampant CoC! - Part 1

I have just returned from a most excellent weekend of gaming in Newark. Organised by Simon (Goat Major) in celebration of his hitting 50 last month it saw a gathering of ten LAW forum members (Goat Major, Paul, Count Belisarius, Purps, GaryP, Levied Troop,  Buff Orpington, World2Dave, Essex Boy and Norman D Landings) along with Simon’s son George and his friend Louis at Read more…

Sep 022015
A Trip Up the Coast

Today we all went up the coast to Holy Island. I’ve been once before for a weekend Viking ‘event’ and the place was heaving and I didn’t get chance to get to the castle. Today was a little quieter and we managed a nice wander around the priory and then walked along to the castle. Read more…

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