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ein wilder Schwan

For the upcoming WD3 Imagi-Nation game I am painting up my ‘Savage Swans’ (see earlier posts). Although I’ve got twelve figures ready to go I had a chance to escape the kids for an hour this afternoon and decided to just finish one figure to see if I was happy with the look. The figure is an RSM Austrian Musketeer:

Overall I’m quite happy with it. Main revelation for me was that I’ve decided I just cannot paint eyes! Although I managed them on some WW2 28mm I did a while back, the casting is much more prominent on Black Tree Design, the RSM being more in proportion. I tried. But my eyes just can’t cope with their eyes!

I’ve gone with green for the turnbacks, smalls and trousers. I MAY vary each company for one of those but I’m not sure yet. All paints are Vallejo, bar the main green. This is an old Ral Partha green from their AD&D range. I have about a third of a pot left. It is my favourite green! I haven’t found one to match it yet and I’m just hoping there’s enough to do all the Swans!

Anyway, a start has been made!

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Savage Swans…

This is the first post as I start to prepare the units for the WD3 Imagi-Nation game next April. As a starting point I plan to do a unit loosely modeled on the AWI British Legion but under the command of Oberstleutnant Seamus Gunter von Donovan, an Irish type adventurer in service with a Germanic type State. Generally known as Donovan’s Legion they have cultivated the sobriquet ‘The Savage Swans’. The plan being eventually to have a combined force of infantry, cavalry, artillery and skirmishers. 

However to start I have the following miniatures from RSM:


Which given my current painting rate will be plenty to get done by April! Apart from the trauma of adapting my painting style to 28/30mm I first need to decide on the uniform. Using templates from the Not by Appointment blog I’ve come up with some initial ideas.

This first is close to the British Legion in colour (I’ll not be going for Tarleton helmet). Trousers and waistcoat probably variations on buff, brown and white to give some variety.

The second option is more French/Austrian in origin with a white/offwhite coat and green facings etc. The white option possibly being more in keeping withe the ‘Savage Swans’?

And finally a buff and green, again influenced by the AWI and Lee’s Legion.
I don’t really want to paint up samples with the RSM as I have no spares. I suppose I could try and few on spare 15mm figures as I have no shortage of them! Anyway, there we have a start. Comments gratefully received.
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A blast from the past!

Many moons ago when I first started wargaming (late 70’s) I began with 25mm Russian Napoleonics. As I started to attend Shrewsbury Wargames Club I obviously got interested in other periods. One that had a good run at the club was Medieval. At that time I wasn’t too up on the whole historical accuracy and medieval was medieval – 11th Century or 15th Century! 🙂

A few people at the club used God’s Acre rules but for a while we ran a little campaign using the Lamming Medieval rules and their campaign rules. This, from what I recall, had each player landing on an island and then randomly generating terrain until you met the other players who were doing the same. Units were usually ten strong with a sergeant and basically you did your own thing regarding troop types. So I put together a few figures, painted very badly and with even more dubious heraldry! As it was basically 1:1 scale each ‘knight’ had a mounted and dismounted version.

So what’s this about then. Well, at the weekend I bravely entered the small attic space above the bathroom where the boxes have never been touched for 10 years or more and came from the clearout of my parents house. And in one box there were all my medieval figures.

They’re a mix of Lamming, Hinchcliffe and a few Minifigs. The painting is bloody awful! And those that look OK have a nice shiny gloss varnish. So I thought I’d post a couple of quick pictures as I intend to dispose of these as there is no way I’ll return to the period and I thought the Lamming figures may be of interest to someone.

In the same box was a small tub with what I think are mostly Garrison figures. There’s a decent elephant and few odds and ends (single figures) of Carthaginian types. I have vague memories of having bought an army off someone and only ever painting one unit of scutarii! Some things never change!

The other elephant is a Hinchcliffe one I think.

It was nice to find them and think back to simpler days (and simpler paint jobs!). The Shrewsbury Club is still very active and I often bump in to some of them at shows throughout the year when I venture south!

I’m still searching for my Wargames Holiday Center pictures but the number of possible places is rapidly diminishing!

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Yet another slight diversion!

Well, as a bit of an aside from the masses of 15mm AWI I’ve been doing of late I thought I’d have a crack at some 28mm stuff. There’s a game at the club tomorrow, 28mm WW2 skirmish using Richard’s solo rules, and seeing as I was taking part I thought it best to have a few figures of my own to throw on the table.

I’ve not painted any 28mm ever. The last 25mm I painted were Hinchcliffe many many years ago. I may have done the odd figure for role-playing but again that has to be at least 15 years ago!

So here are my first attempts…

The hardest part was the faces. I’ve tried at least three different techniques on the four figures and still not sure which looks best. But I figure for skirmish everyone’s skin is going to look different so I may as well experiment!

I’ve got a few more figures to make up 2 squads, an HMG team and some officers, and also some Fallshirmjaeger to do when I can face the camo! Figures are Bolt Action. The Tiger in the background by Corgi!

It was a pleasant surprise painting 28s. Easier in some ways – easier on the eyes anyway! Looking forward to painting more…



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