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On the Workbench and 301 posts!

Well, I still haven’t got the detailed list of my plans up yet but I have at least done a little more towards it. Not as much as I’d have liked but something…

I’ve done the basic camo and wash on the T34s so just need the last dry brush and detailing on them:


And I’ve based up the command stands and added the basing material to all three units now for the 6mm. STILL need to do the flags though…


And I also realised that my last post was post 300 for the blog, making this 301! Quite a tally really over the years. The blog started as an ASL blog in November 2006 so six years and counting is pretty good I think… I’m also getting close to 80000 visits. This is only since I added the Site Meter icon (and I can’t remember when that was!) but I may try and do something when I hit the 80K.

Hopefully a little more progress next week as well.

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On the Workbench

I haven’t really done a Workbench post for a while, mainly because nothing was getting done! I have at last managed a couple of short sessions to move some things along. The six Adler generals for my ImagiNation units got varnished last night and now await basing:


IMAG3234I still have the flags to do for the three units but can at least move the basing along.

As I now have my 666 Plan (full details coming soon, honest!) it seemed to make sense to do something completely different! When I bought a load of GHQ WW2 microarmour at the end of last year for my Western Desert plans there were also some T34-85s available so I thought I’d grab them to add to my Syrians. There should have been enough for two battalions but a few were missing barrels so I’ll either need to try and replace or just buy a pack to complete the second unit. Anyway, undercoated and basecoated. Next up drybrush, camo,  tracks, wash, drybrush and detail. And base…

IMAG3236Back to the ImagiNation stuff. I have started my first Altefritzenburg unit. Still a way to go…


But this gives an idea of where they are heading:



And finally, I took delivery of some Timecast goodness via the CWC forums. The start of my Cold War urban bases:

IMAG3239 IMAG3240Done to Timecast’s usual high standard, I only need to paint all my stuff to match now!

Hopefully I can get a little more done tonight or at the weekend.




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More 6mm ImagiNation – here come the cavalry and the enemy!

Been a little while since the last post but I’ve been pottering along with my 6mm ImagiNation project and finally have something to show. The mounted arm of my Savage Swans in 28mm were composed of RSM Austrian Dragoons but fitted with lances.

02 - The Legion Uhlans
The Legion Uhlans

I had only done a single squadron for last years Ayton game but added a second with red edged pennants for this years game. Re-creating these presented a problem as neither Baccus or Adler did a lancer/uhlan in tricorn. Peter at Baccus suggested possible figures for conversion but to be honest I didn’t fancy the job! I then emailed Leon at Adler to see if he had any suitable figures. I got a reply. ‘Hang on. I’ll get back to you’. Couple of weeks passed so I dropped a reminder. ‘Still looking. Will get back to you soon’. Couple of days later I got an email. The only suitable figure was the Austrian Dragoon standard bearer.

Adler Austrian SYW Dragoon standard bearer

However, the pole was too short for a lance so Leon was going to remove it, re-model the hand to make it drillable to take a lance and how many did I want? Now that is what I call service! I ordered forty as I still wasn’t sure what size units/bases I was going to go for. Leon suggested that 0.5mm brass rod would do for the lances and that a twist drill would do to ‘hole’ the hand. So the figures arrived (it must have took him a while as there was only one to a mould) and after a few weeks of summoning up the courage to tackle the lances I finally made a start. The drilling was fiddly and a few hands didn’t quite drill through cleanly. However, they came out OK. I fitted the lance before painting as I wanted a good bond.

SYW Uhlans
SYW Uhlans

And then it was only a matter of painting them! I decided to stick to the 40x30mm bases, 4 figures to a base, 2 bases to a squadron. And a command base. So here we have Von Donovan’s Savage Swan Uhlans!

Savage Swan Uhlans
Savage Swan Uhlans
Savage Swan Uhlans
Savage Swan Uhlans
Savage Swan Uhlans
Savage Swan Uhlans
Savage Swan Uhlans
Savage Swan Uhlans
Savage Swan Uhlans
Savage Swan Uhlans

I’m quite please with them.

Some Opposition

To give my main ImagiNation troops some opposition I intended to re-use some 1806 French I have but also to paint up some SYW French. My backstory has a ‘French’ officer training ‘Ottoman’ types so it makes sense for me to have a French themed opposition. I had chosen the ‘basic’ Baccus French with no turnbacks to speed up painting. And to speed things even more I thought I get someone else to do it! I have some Total Battle Miniatures buildings that I was going to sell to Ian Willey, the author of The Blog With No Name and a fellow ASL player. He offered to paint some 6mm figures for me in lieu of cash so I painted up a sample strip and then mailed him enough to do a full unit. These he duly did and mailed back. I’m quite pleased with them and will be getting him to do more. I still needed the mounted officers which arrived this week from Adler and allowed me to finish basing the unit and paint up the standards. So many thanks to Ian and I present the first unit of the yet to be fully ‘Imagined’ French type opposition!


Again, I’m really pleased with Ian’s work and how the whole unit has come out.

What next?

I have Grenzers and Indians to do. And some Ottoman types. And the first of the Altefritzenburg regiments, though whether I do them in 28mm or 6mm first is yet to be decided!



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WIP – 6mm ImagiNation – test figures

Following on from the completion of the first of my 6mm ImagiNation troops I’ve been looking at what to do next. As I’ve tried in the past, my main aim is to paint the bulk myself but get a few units of ‘opposition’ painted for me. Although I have yet to work up the background I envisage the SYW themed opposition for my Altefritzenburg troops would be ‘French’ based and enable me to use the Baccus SYW French with no turnbacks etc. to keep painting simple and faster!

I’ve just done a test strip to see what they’ll look like. Although my Swans have no hat lace I think these need it to add a little contrast to the figures. Possibly yellow would be better…

Sorry for slightly blurry image but I couldn’t get my phone to focus properly I think these will look of. Drummers will be in reverse colours and with a sashes etc. on the officers they should look OK I was concerned that with only the cuffs showing a different colour there would not be enough difference in the units? Suppose I could always do the breeches and gaiters in a brighter colour as well?

I sense another test strip coming on…

…and here it is!

Side by side by side shot. The new chaps were done with a white undercoat and to be honest once the black wash was applied it didn’t make a lot of difference.

I think the red leggings and yellow hat lace does more to brighten up the figures.


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More Savage Swans – in 6mm!

Over the last two years I have been slowly painting up 28mm RSM SYW figures for my ImagiNation of Altefritzenburg and it’s famed fighting force, von Donovan’s Savage Swans. These have seen service in the last two Ayton games run by Henry Hyde. The core of the force was the main battalion shown here with grenadiers detached.

Savage Swans - 28mm RSM figures

Now I really love the Ayton games but I am a slow painter when it comes to 28mm and I can only really see myself using my 28mm ImagiNation forces for Ayton or related games. I am firmly in the ‘paint both sides’ and ‘do my own thing’ camp and getting enough together for a full game myself is never going to happen in my lifetime! So the solution? Recreate my entire ImagiNation forces in 6mm! I then stand a decent chance of painting up enough for a game…maybe…

Although I’m undecided on rules long term I do want to try Maurice so that was my starting point. Basing was an issue though and I looked at several options (see earlier post). The ‘convention’ for Maurice in 6mm seems to be to use the Polemos 60x30mm basing, two bases to a unit. For column, people just turn the bases sideways. Now, I wasn’t really happy with that, and also because I wanted to add some extra figures to each base, the option of using 30x30s (which solved the column ‘problem’) still didn’t look right. So the end result is…. 40x30mm! I really think 4x 40mm stands LOOKS right for a battalion in line. I’ve also added a command stand (equally 40x30mm) so that when they are all in column I am only 10mm out in the line/column lengths.

So here they are. The Savage Swans in 6mm!

The Savage Swans
The company officers lead the way
Count Vladimir Belisarius, the Colonel of the Regiment, along with the Colours

Now, because I’ll be using these for Maurice and I still wanted to keep the option of playing other people open, I can remove the grenadier company and still have a unit with the ‘standard’ 120mm frontage.

NCOs and Drummers keep the troops in line and in time

And placing the command in the front when in column gives the same column/line length when using 3 stands t oa unit and only 10mm out when using the lot.

In column

These were fun to paint. All foot figures are Baccus. The mounted officers are Adler. Foot officers are standard bearers with the pole cut down to sword length. And painting the Swan’s standards was a bugger in 6mm!

Officers and Colours to the front

I tried a different technique to pain these. Light grey undercoat, black wash. This REALLY brings out the detail on the figures and I have to admit to being surprised at how much there was that just got lost with a black undercoat.

I have the figures for the Grenzers, Indians and cavalry lined up as well. More to come…

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