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Today at the Club

Against all expectation I managed to secure a pass to get to the Club today. I hadn’t committed to a particular game but knew that Richard, Ian and Lawrence were doing a 28mm French Indian War skirmish and that there was likely to be a 6mm Grande Armee game. I was quite keen to see the latter but ended up taking a small group of militia in the big game and then watching the 6mm game, which was quite interesting.

The FIW game will hopefully get a full write-up on the Club Blog in a day or so but basically a French column with Indian support were approaching a small town held by a company of redcoats supported by militia and ‘friendlies’. The French Indians pushed down each flank but took heavy casualties and were driven off. As the French columns crossed the river to deploy they thought better of it, retired, thought better of that and crossed again. The British line then formed up and advanced and the French retired again! We were using the solo mechanics of Richard’s rules and the result being that the rules for formed troops need some more work!

Here’s a quick picture but those taken by Richard and Lawrence that will accompany the full write-up are much better – the camera is one among many of the weak points of my current phone! Good fun anyway as my militia only managed one volley but it was a pretty devastating one!

The 6mm game, which I’m also hoping will get a blog writeup was a clash between French and Russians, with Napoleon himself leading the French. The Russians lined up on the main hill, with reserves hidden behind and prepared for the French assault.

Cossacks prepared to sweep round the left flank:

To fall on the flank of the advancing French:

The French pushed up the hill and assaulted the Russian lines:

After punching a hole in the center they prepare to meet the advancing Russian reserves but were pressed on either flank by Russian cossacks and Guard cavalry:

And the Russian Guards prepared to push them off again before the French reserves arrive:

At the end of the game the issue was still open with the potential for the corps battling in the center to collapse, possibly taking the morale of the army down before the reserves really got stuck in!

It was a fun game to watch as the battle ebbed and flowed over the hill with the Russians trying to create the space to deploy their still powerful reserves. The rules seemed to work really well, with some nice mechanisms, a nice flow and the game really looking the part. The rules seem to be gaining interest at the club with a few people putting together armies and plans for a campaign coming, likely to be 1815. I’m very tempted to paint the odd corps for this, probably Prussian and quite fancy Prussians for 1806 as well. The rules are apparently due for reprint but I’d like to pick up a copy anyway. Yes, I definitely feel another slight diversion coming on!

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First Impetus Unit Completed

Here is the first unit of my Early Byzantines for Impetus. This is a unit of Bucellarii of which I’ll have two in my ‘starting’ army of 300 points. The unit uses Baccus Late Heavy Cavalry from the Sassanid range and I’m happy to make do with the ‘Eastern’ influence at this scale.

The second unit will have cloaks added to some and the second rankers may not all be on armoured horses to reflect the more eclectic mix of what were essentially mercenary units acting as bodyguards.

But hopefully I’ll get the archers done first!

I’m up to 18 followers now which I’m rather pleased about and appreciate the show of interest from those concerned. I’ve also looked at the stats for the blog over the last year and the number of unique visits has grown significantly since June when I changed the layout/theme from exclusively AWI peaking at over a thousand in September.

I’ve had some good references to my AWI content over on TMP and having just got hold of the latest AWI themed Wargames Illustrated I shall be returning to the 18th Century in the not too distant!

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6mm Early Byzantines – a start

At Derby a few weeks ago I picked up a wide range of figures from Baccus with a view to putting together an Early Byzantine army for Impetus. As no one does a specific Early range for the Byzantines I was looking at a mix of Late Roman, Sassanid, Goth, Hun types to represent the army. Given the period of transition and the Eastern influences and the ‘mercenary’ nature of the Bucellarii I figured I could get away with this, especially in 6mm!

I’m still waiting for MDF bases to arrives (hopefully before next weeks postal strikes!) but thought I’d post some ‘in progress’ shots. So here are some views of the first Bucellarii based on a Sassanid Late Heavy Cavalry. They have bow, lance and part armoured horse. I would have preferred to have unarmoured horses in the second rank but Baccus are in a transition period with moving to a slightly larger horse and currently the proposed back rank would look like ponies!

The Impetus Justinian list has just been posted in draft and for that I need 4 units of Kavallarioi. These were a bit harder to source. So I’ve taken a Sassanid armoured archer and added a small shield with a bit of green stuff.

And as a lot of the images I’ve seen for Bucellarii have helmets with plumes and with cloaks I thought I ‘d see how easy it was to adapt the Sassanid Heavy Cavalry figure…

Overall I’m rather pleased with them. I think the archer shields may be a tad on the large side but at 6mm I don’t really care and once painted I’m sure they’ll look fine. I will need to do another Bucellarii unit so for that will do a mix with cloak and I’m hoping Peter at Baccus may be able to source me a suitable unarmoured horse type figure.

I’ll post better pictures once they’re all based.

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