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6mm Early Byzantines – a start

At Derby a few weeks ago I picked up a wide range of figures from Baccus with a view to putting together an Early Byzantine army for Impetus. As no one does a specific Early range for the Byzantines I was looking at a mix of Late Roman, Sassanid, Goth, Hun types to represent the army. Given the period of transition and the Eastern influences and the ‘mercenary’ nature of the Bucellarii I figured I could get away with this, especially in 6mm!

I’m still waiting for MDF bases to arrives (hopefully before next weeks postal strikes!) but thought I’d post some ‘in progress’ shots. So here are some views of the first Bucellarii based on a Sassanid Late Heavy Cavalry. They have bow, lance and part armoured horse. I would have preferred to have unarmoured horses in the second rank but Baccus are in a transition period with moving to a slightly larger horse and currently the proposed back rank would look like ponies!

The Impetus Justinian list has just been posted in draft and for that I need 4 units of Kavallarioi. These were a bit harder to source. So I’ve taken a Sassanid armoured archer and added a small shield with a bit of green stuff.

And as a lot of the images I’ve seen for Bucellarii have helmets with plumes and with cloaks I thought I ‘d see how easy it was to adapt the Sassanid Heavy Cavalry figure…

Overall I’m rather pleased with them. I think the archer shields may be a tad on the large side but at 6mm I don’t really care and once painted I’m sure they’ll look fine. I will need to do another Bucellarii unit so for that will do a mix with cloak and I’m hoping Peter at Baccus may be able to source me a suitable unarmoured horse type figure.

I’ll post better pictures once they’re all based.

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15mm Celtiberians (and a wagon!)

Finally finished my second BG of Celtiberians for Field of Glory. As mentioned elsewhere on the blog, Celtiberians formed the main Allied contingent in my DBM Polybian Roman army many years ago. I had them based as WB(F) so for FoG they needed to be 4 to a base. So I carefully counted the ones I had and ordered the extra from Donnington to make up a full second BG.

Unfortunately I miscounted and when I came to paint the extra found myself five figures short! Now I wanted to keep the whole unit Donnington so a trawl through the leadpile turned up a naked Gaesati, some Caetrati and a Carthiginian spearmen! I figure that as they are a mercenary unit there will be a few ‘hangers on’!

As with the other unit I have used Ligurians for standard bearer and musician although to be honest Gallic ones would have done.

While sorting figures I found the wagons I did years ago. Museum Miniatures, and always nice figures. I’ve bought a few more at Derby and will be painting them and re-basing the others at some point. And making sure the handlers are in period as well. Those supplied seem more medieval peasants than the ‘slaves’ I want for the ancients and the tricorn’d ones for my AWI!


Balearic Slingers I think…

And I’m thinking of taking a day off in November to try and arrange a game at home as I just don’t seem to make it to the club at the moment. This weekend starts with Disney on Ice:Princess Wishes on Friday, We’re going on a Bear Hunt stage version on Saturday, and a(nother!) 4th Birthday on Sunday. My daughter has a far better social life than me!…

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Another Slight Diversion – Zombie!

Ok. Something a little different but at least it’s a return to the 18th Century! While negotiating the sale of some Polly Oliver figures I was pointed to the Traitor to the Crown trilogy by CC Finlay, consisting of The Patriot Witch, A Spell for the Revolution, and The Demon Redcoat and he described them as witches and wizards in the AWI. Reading the blurb also mentioned a zombie and the whole thing piqued my interest. I’ve done a little research on available zombie figures but most seem to be either sword and sorcery fantasy types or modern. I wanted 18th Century ones so someone suggested a conversion and paintjob so I thought I’d try one out. I think the original figure is a Freikorps mule handler so I tried to make the whip look a bit like a bone, made the trousers look a bit ragged and added a bit of entrails to the outstretched hand. I’m not happy with the skin tone, it came out a little too purple but it’ll do. Anyway, who’s to say what is the correct skin tone for a zombie!

Anyway, some pics as he confronts some of England’s finest!

And watching the whole proceedings with that ‘feed me’ look similar to that of the zombie, is our cat, Shebee!

I’m not sure where the whole zombie thing is going. I did have plans for a whole ‘Colonial’ type imagination so I may spice it up a bit with a whole ‘dark’ underlying theme. We shall see…

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Ad triarios redisse

The triarii of my second legion finally take to the field! Finished these last night.

And as the battle draws to a close the triarii await the final attack…

These form the final battle group of my second legion:

Under the command of the consul for that year:

I had done the vexillum of the hastati and principes green to keep them colour coordinated but I think red looks better so I will be redoing the others.

I now have two good size legions for my MRRs for FoG and although at some point I plan to do the Allied legions as well, that may be a way down the track.

Now for some more Spanish…

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New terrain pieces

Been working on some new bits of terrain to compliment those I’ve done before. Usual construction: random shaped MDF pieces from East Riding Miniatures, Polyfilla One Fill for surface, PVA and ballast mix, paint and highlight etc. I wanted to try some water features and had tried using a load of gloss varnish. This had taken ages to dry and had shrunk and cracked.

So…painted over it and applied Woodland Scenics Realistic Water! Pour it in, minimal shrinkage, job done! Or not… Shrinkage was not minimal and where I had some texture to the underlying surface that has been reflected in the water surface. It also meant that the grass tufts I added to the larger water area have had the ‘water’ shrink around them leaving the PVA blob visible. At c.£17 a bottle I shall be experimenting further to make sure I get my monies worth! I may still apply another layer in the hope that flattens out but I’m tempted to leave these as is and move on to the next lot.

Anyway, here are the two pieces:

The main water feature:

The ‘meant to be slightly boggy ground with trees:

And the same with added water but and other tuppenny features:

The smaller add-in pools haven’t really worked. I think I’m still going to seek out the plastic washers to make the areas that the 2p pieces fit in as the current method is still too rough and imprecise.

Not sure what to do next. May do another couple of rough ground only ones. Other issue with these is that I didn’t spray them with matt varnish first and they seem to have warped a little. May also have been because I used a much watered down brown to do the main coat.

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