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Border Reiver 2018 – Gateshead

Popped down to my local show today, Border Reiver at Gateshead Stadium. Not a huge show but some good traders there and it’s always good to support the local show. Spent a lot of time chatting with people and managed to be quite restrained with purchases. I’d wanted to do the tabletop sale but didn’t get my act together in time – maybe at Battleground….

There was a reasonable spread of games (demo and participation) including by my two local clubs: Tyneside Wargames Club and Whitley Bay 3D Gamers. The former doing some ancient naval action and the latter delving into the realm of the samurai!

My purchases were rather restrained. Some more trees from Andy at Last Valley, some Artizan Viking Hirdmen from Colonel Bill, some rather lovely Viking Shieldmaidens from Footsore, and some paints. I was very careful this year. Last night I checked all the paints I was low on. There were six. I then checked the ‘spares’ box and there were new bottles of ALL of them. Needless to say I still convinced myself I was running out of Dark Prussian Blue so bought a bottle and now have two spares…

Nice to chat with lots of people as well though I didn’t natter as much as I usually do…honest… I could have bought more but I’m trying to be sensible at the moment…

A good day then and thanks to the Border Reiver chaps for organising it all!

A few more pics in this gallery. 

Whitley Bay 3D Gamers - Pike & Shotte Japanese Sengoku Period

Picture 1 of 20

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Border Reiver 2017 – a late report…

2nd September. Border Reiver. My local show. Gateshead Stadium. I always like to go to this. Support the local show and traders and catch up with lots of people. I never seem to make it to local clubs at the moment. Kids and work. Never seems to work out. Anyway. The Show. To be honest I was a little bit disappointed this year. There seems a lot of ‘space’ in the hall and it didn’t seem that busy. There seemed fewer demo games this year and I know a couple of traders pulled out. Whether the extra space created by that gave the illusion of less busy I don’t know. A good spread of traders although someone pointed out there were a lot of people selling Warlord stuff at varying prices.

I got to chat with lots of people, some of which I hadn’t seen for a good while. The tabletop sale seemed busy for most of the show and there were one or two absolute bargains on there! None of which I took advantage of…

The games. Some nice ones on display (especially  the 30 Year War one) but taking pictures was a ‘mare as the yellow light ruined every shot. I’ve tried tweaking them but…

Rumbling Guns game
Battle of Newburn 1640
Battle of Newburn 1640
Harrogate Wargames Club – 30 Years War
Tyneside Wargames Club – Trojan Wars in 10mm
Whitby Wargames Club
Harrogate Wargames Club – 30 Years War
Section 8. Some good participation games
Redcar Ironbeards
Section 8 again
AP Wiley 28mm Wild West
Battlefield Design

I’ve not seen any official figures for the show but I hope the numbers were OK and that next year the missing traders return. It’s good to have a local show that attracts the bigger traders.

Did I buy anything? Well… I had nothing I REALLY wanted. The bargains on the tabletop sale were good but I don’t need another period or scale! So my only purchase was two pots of Vallejo paint! Bronze Green and Light Sky Grey. Not a huge purchase but all I needed and the day out was made by the social side with lots of good chats.

If you want to see more pics of the day then visit Herybird’s Nest for a full show report.



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Border Reiver 2016 – Gateshead Stadium

I haven’t done a show report for a while, mainly because I’ve managed fewer shows this year! However, I was granted a pass for today and so set off for what is my local show – Border Reiver. Gateshead Stadium is a good venue. Decent size and quite light but suffering from the usual sports venue yellow light which effectively ruins all the photos. I took a few anyway but you’ll see what I mean… This year the entry was via a large access way directly into the hall rather than winding through the corridors from the main entrance. This seemed to work well, apart from getting wet when going for coffee or toilets. Not sure if this will be a permanent change or was just down to there being an event in the main building.20160903_122110There was a good spread of traders but seemed to be fewer games on display. Good to see a couple of participation games as well. No Bring and Buy but the now common flea market. I’m still not sure on the idea and think they work better at the bigger shows but there seemed to be 3-5 tables active most of the time I was there so hopefully those concerned did well.

The games… Not all had clear info on who was running them and I was negligent in finding out as I just did a quick run to take pics.

Tyneside Wargames Club presented Cannae using their own Great Captain rules. A LOT of figures!20160903_115641 20160903_115651(0) 20160903_122034 20160903_125942Sharp Practice seems to (justifiably) put in an appearance at most shows. A nice FIW participation game.20160903_115710 20160903_115719 20160903_115742A nice Napoleonic game20160903_121621 20160903_121635 20160903_121656 20160903_121709Sword and Spear rules put in an appearance20160903_121401 20160903_121410 20160903_121421

And 40K, Blood Bowl 7s, Wild West and Wings of whatever it is this month…

20160903_121721 20160903_121731 20160903_121809 20160903_121845 20160903_121911 20160903_121922 20160903_121940Vietnam game and Kings of War20160903_115824 20160903_115836 20160903_122008 20160903_122018And finally some big viking things!20160903_115907 20160903_115924 20160903_115930I usually get chance to chat to people on the games but that didn’t really happen other than at the Sword and Spear game, a set of rules I have but have yet to try!

So there we are. The games were fine but nothing really grabbed me as outstanding.

So. On to the haul!20160903_191717First off, no lead! Nothing! So no new scales or periods which is a big relief! 🙂 I had order a load more Fire and Fury size bases from Minibits so had those to pick up along with some 45mm bases for the possible re-base of my 28mm ImagiNation stuff… I also grabbed a load of round bases for various uses. Probably more than I needed but you can never have too much MDF! And as I seek a suitable blue to match the Union I have I grabbed  some ACW appropriate paints. I was tempted by quite a few books (of which more anon) but in the end only grabbed Sear’s book on the Peninsular Campaign. And finally, after a chat with Colonel Bill I bought some 15mm MDF fences suitable for ACW. There batter be easy to make or I’ll be having words with him at Battleground! 🙂

And on the way home I grabbed some brown paint for the ongoing basing fest and the latest Wargames Illustrated.

Only down part of the day was at the end. As I perused one of the book stalls I noticed a copy of Don Troiani’s Regiments of the American Civil War. I’d placed a copy of this in my Amazon basket a few days ago. £14. When I returned the next day to add another book and buy the price had gone up to £25!! Too steep for me. This one was £12. Bargain!! But it was the end of the show. I checked wallet. Bare. But in my ‘purse’ I had a lot of pound coins and started counting them to see if I had enough. As I did so a chap picked up the book, flicked through, and then bought it! I was gutted… However I did only have £10 so would have had to haggle! Next time. I’ll find a copy soon…

So a nice day out and good to chat to assorted people from the local clubs. Shame it rained for the walk home. Thank to the chaps for organising it all.



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Border Reiver Haul

Having spent the last week with the family up the coast at Low Newton, we vacated the cottage this morning and headed back to Newcastle. After dropping my daughter off at the stables my wife dropped myself and my lad Zach at Gateshead International Stadium around midday for Border Reiver. This is likely to be my last show of the year and despite my best efforts I’m going to have to work the weekend of the excellent Battleground Show in November. Zach was feeling a little off as last night as we settled down for a relaxing drink and movie on the last night of our holiday, he fell, smacked his head in the door frame and ended up in Alnwick hospital to get a nasty little cut over his eye steri-stripped. But I’d promised to take him to the show and he still seemed keen.

Border Reiver is a nice little show and being local I always meet a good few people there. However, like a lot of ‘sports hall’ shows it suffers from that horrible yellow lighting which is fine for the show itself but a nightmare for taking pictures. This, combined with having a 7 year old in tow meant I forwent the taking of pictures. There were some good demo games on though. The Whitley Bay 3D Gamers were running the 20mm Afghanistan game using a variant of Chain of Command. I’m quite keen to try this and also to see if it will work for 1980s Cold War. The Tyneside Club had a nice 10mm Waterloo game and… that was all I took note of really as I was dragged around the show in search of ‘space things’!

I did manage to pick up the few things I went for:


It was nice to see Leven Miniatures there. I’ve seen a lot of their stuff online, mostly on Ian Willey’s The Blog with No Name, and have been tempted by stuff for a while so it was good to see them in the flesh. I was quite restrained and picked up some tents, supply dumps, fuel dumps and some Perfect Six Scenics wooden crates. These are all for scenic ‘specials’ for my assorted Cold War 1/300 armies. Eventually… Was nice to have a chat with Mr Leven as well.

Needless to say I had a load of MDF bases to pick up from Minibits. All for the continuing basing of my microarmour. It seems we have lead piles, plastic piles and now MDF piles!

And finally, showing great restraint and sticking to my plan of finishing off existing projects… I bought two Starter Packs from Tumbling Dice. 1/2400 Mid-Victorian French and British ironclad ships… This is to ‘expand’ my C19th Imaginations. No doubt in time for Ayton 2019 when we should be scheduled for our next C19th game! 🙂 (2017 will be Lion Rampant themed…)

Zach picked up a Chaos Marine and a Halo Heroclix figure. And on the way home a M1 Abrams 1/90 4D puzzle. 35 pieces that make a quite nice looking model. Quite usable if it wasn’t for the gap between all the pieces! 50p in a charity shop.

And when I got home the latest Wargames Soldiers and Strategy was waiting for me. Looks like an excellent First Punic War themed issue. I shall be discussing magazines again soon.

So all in all a nice little day. I now have no idea when I’ll get chance to paint anything again as the kids are back at school on Tuesday and it’ll soon be Christmas!

Nice to catch up and chat with a few people at the show. Thanks to the Border Reiver Club for organising.

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Border Reiver 2012 – Show Report

First Saturday in September brings the annual Newcastle show, Border Reiver. I set off early for this one as I was giving someone a lift and arrived in plenty of time. I’ve created a gallery for the show here so if you just want to look at pretty pictures jump straight in. If you want a little more info, please read on!

The Venue

This year the show has moved south of the river to Gateshead Stadium. For the last few years it was based at the Newcastle Arena using the foyer area. Although this was a big enough space the layout was sometimes a little awkward with staircases breaking up the space and the lighting was never that good. Fine for normal browsing but hard work when it came to taking any photos. The new venue is the sports hall at Gateshead Stadium. This brings the whole show into one large space with much better lighting. The only caveat being that it is that peculiar sports hall lighting that casts a yellow tinge over all. Much better but harder work getting the colours right in any photos.

There was plenty of space for the traders and demo games. The bring and buy was to the left as you came in and had plenty of room so no scrum to see things. The big downside on the day was that the cafe wasn’t open! The organisers had asked for it and were expecting it so very frustrating for them and a little annoying for visitors as the only other options were the vending machines, the nearby ASDA or the burger van parked opposite the Stadium. I was lucky in that to save money I had brought sandwiches! I’m sure this will be resolved next year and the venue should really get a slap and should rue the business lost on the day. Oh…and it was very warm at times in the hall. I’m just glad it wasn’t a hot day outside.

Other than that it was a great venue and I hope the show continues there.

The Games

There were a good few demo games on. All were good quality and I think I managed a quick word with most of them. It was good that all I spoke to were friendly and happy to chat. And the games seemed to be ‘active’ so no dioramas! There were a lot of SF games in evidence. Possibly reflective of the makeup of some of the local clubs and helped by Critical Mass attending the local shows with some very nice 15mm figures. Of the games that stood out for me, the Flames of War game (forget by who) had some lovely terrain:

And the Shot and Shell Gamers 10mm SYW games had some nicely painted Pendraken figures:

I’ve not played (or been tempted by) Dystopian Wars but I was quite impressed with the models!

All in all, a nice selection of games. I’ll update the gaps in the info as people point things out!

Bring and Buy

My main aim for the show was to clear a little lead and some books. I’d downloaded the requisite form and being a geek at heart I had entered all the info, printed it out and printed labels for all my boxes! Booking in was quick and painless so I left my stock there and hit the show. I was shifting a pile of historical fiction (Allan Mallinson, Christian Cameron) and a few other odds and ends. Only about six of the books went… I’d also decided to offload a HUGE pile of unpainted 15mm AWI. Fourteen packs of Peter Pig and a lot of Freikorps, Essex and Old Glory. The Old Glory went but NONE of the others. There were nearly 80 packs in the box and nothing. Bit disappointed there. I got rid of some 20mm Modern as I finally accepted that my Force on Force dreams were just that. A few packs of 15mm ancients went. I still walked away with £54 but would have liked more! 🙂

So to look at the BUY part, what did I buy? Sod all really! I bought 3 packs of MDF bases. And half a dozen Hero-Clix figures for my kids to play with (two broken already!). And that was it. I don’t think I could justify buying any lead as I’m trying to clear stuff. I have enough paint for now and more books than I can ever read. And I’ll be at Derby next month so will need cash for that. But most importantly, I don’t get paid for two weeks and I feel  I should really feed the kids as well!


I enjoyed it. Nice chats with assorted people. Much better venue (despite the yellow light!). Lack of cafe annoying but not the end of the world. A bit warm.

I’m already looking forward to next year.

If you missed the link above, the gallery is here: Border Reiver 2012 Gallery


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