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Durham Wargames Open Day 2017

Today, 10th June was the annual Durham Wargames Show put on by Durham Wargames Group at their club venue. I couldn’t make last year’s show so was determined to make this year. Luckily Lawrence was able to offer a lift and we arrived shortly after 10am. The bring and buy was in the pavillion on your right before you get to the main venue so we nipped in there first. It was quite busy with people booking stuff in and a good selection on the tables already. There was a table opposite that I think was meant for people booking in etc. but everyone seemed to be rummaging through the boxes there as well! Lots of books on the B&B but possibly not as many figures as previous years. And although quite busy for the first hour and a half I felt that by 11.30 everything that was going on was on and pretty well all the stuff that was going to sell was sold. There seemed to be a few bargains and the book prices were good. If I had spare shelf space I’d probably no longer have spare shelf space! 🙂

Hitting the bring and buy first was a good idea. I only had one thing on my shopping list, Jena, Auerstaedt: The Triumph of the Eagle by Francois-Guy Hourtoulle. 

I used to have a copy of this acquired during previous project starts for an 1806 Prussian Army but I have been unable to find it! I must have sold it on at some point when I gave up. I knew that Worley Books usually had copies for £10 so if nothing else I was going to buy that. But there on the bring and buy was a copy for £5! Bargain! Sorted!

In the same room was a nice looking 28mm ACW game using Johnny Reb 2 rules. Very tidy game and nice to chat with Dave Jarvis both during the game and over coffee. 

The main venue is two large rooms. There were only a dozen or so traders but all are fairly local and good to see them supporting the local show. Sadly, one of the traders, Northumbria Games, had a a closing down sale. I’ve seen them at many shows over the years and it is sad to see them go. I think the dominance of online purchases and Kickstarter played a big part. A shame…

The chaps from Old Glory UK usually put on a game at Durham rather than trade and had a nice looking late medieval game. This was the only game in the right hand room. In the larger main ‘hall’ were the remaining traders and two more games. A WW2 skirmish: And a nice looking game using the recent Pikeman’s Lament:

Durham is always a small show and for me is more about supporting the club and traders and having a good natter with the local players. It did seem quiet this year, possibly not helped by the rotten weather. I do hope it continues though as I always enjoy the day.

So given I had got the book I wanted and I’m trying to be sensible at the moment I started no new scales or periods and only bought four average dice! Not sure why but I’m sure they will come in somewhere! 

Thanks to the Durham Wargames Group and nice to bump into a good few people and natter. And thanks again to Lawrence (and Rowena) for the lift!


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Durham Wargames Show 2015

I feel a little bad posting an update for this when I haven’t even uploaded the photos from the Partizan game two weeks ago but I’ve struggled to get any decent photos off my phone and generally life and work have been busy. However, the thing of note that relates to this post is that I bought a pack of Conquest Games Norman Infantry! These are to be used for the Lion Rampant games planned for Ayton 2017 (yes, 2017!) and I intend using them for a Norman/First Crusade type force. Those who know me will be surprised as I have often been dismissive of plastics. Nothing to do with the quality of the sculpts, the look or anything. Plastics have been a great boon to the hobby. I just don’t like the ‘heft’ of them. I like to feel the weight of lead in my hand both when using them and when painting them! However, as this Lion Rampant project is small scale and probably a one off it made sense to use a pack of each (foot and knights) to form the core of my force. But I digress, the main reason for attending Durham being the need to purchase a pack of Norman Knights! Lawrence was nice enough to off me a lift and we got in nice and early at 9.45.

Durham is a small, local show organised by Durham Wargames Group. I’ve been going for years and really like it. There aren’t many games on, there aren’t many traders compared to the bigger local shows but there is a Bring and Buy and it is always a friendly show. And as I like to spend most of my shows nattering to people this is ideal. And I like to support the traders and clubs involved.

There were five demo games on, four in the main rooms and one next to the Bring and Buy. The latter was a nicely presented Zulu Civil War game and although I chatted with the guys there I failed to take note of the Club name! [EDIT: which was Grimsby Wargames Society. Thanks for Richard (Herkybird) for the info. He’ll be posting his report and lots more pics on his blog later]

2015-06-13 11.28.16 2015-06-13 11.28.59 2015-06-13 11.30.22 2015-06-13 11.30.37

Over in the right hand room as you enter the show was a rather nice C18th game by Andy of Old Glory and others:

2015-06-13 11.32.35 2015-06-13 11.32.44 2015-06-13 11.32.56 2015-06-13 11.33.25 2015-06-13 11.33.36 2015-06-13 11.33.45The other room saw a large (literally!) Waterloo themed game from Durham Wargames Group with a 54mm Attack on La Haye Saint.

2015-06-13 11.35.08 2015-06-13 11.35.31 2015-06-13 11.35.38 2015-06-13 11.35.56


Pendraken where there and also demo’ing their new Warband Fantasy Rules. The demo always seemed quite busy.

2015-06-13 11.38.25 2015-06-13 11.38.46

And finally Redcar Iron Beards had some WW2 action:

2015-06-13 11.36.14 2015-06-13 11.36.39 2015-06-13 11.36.53

I managed to get the various bits I needed. One box of Norman Knights, and some Perry 1st Crusade crossbowmen, some armed pilgrims (which will do for my bidowers) and a Hospitaller Command pack which will sort me for my ‘leader’ and hopefully allow me to have an extra mounted unit. Quite pleased to get what I need for Lion Rampant. Now I need to paint them…

I also managed a nice chat with Dave Jarvis where we reminisced over the Partizan game and had a nice chat about painting techniques. Lawrence was leaving early so at that point I had to depart. But having got all I wanted and had a few nice chats it was a good little show for me. The Bring and Buy seemed quite busy (there were a lot of books as well) but I managed to resist!

Thanks again to the Durham Wargames Group for a well organised little show.


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Durham Show and Eagle Figures

Today was the Durham Show. I’ve missed the last couple as it always seems to clash with either a holiday or my lads birthday party. I was determined to make it this year and despite many things conspiring against me (wife working, having to get daughter to friends and bringing my five year old lad with me!) I made it there for 10am!

It’s a small show. Basically two main rooms and the bring and buy (in the bowling pavilion this year) but has a good little range of traders. There were only three (I think) demo games but they were all nicely done (especially the modern game from Andy of Old Glory) and a rather nicely presented Colonial game in the Bring and Buy room. As I had my lad with me (his first show) I gave up on the idea of taking photos so if you want to see a few pics pop along to Richard (Herybird)’s blog here.

I picked up a Halo figure for my lad (he’s just turned five so had birthday money) and a Batman Shadow Assault game on the Bring and Buy. I was also meeting Robbie to return some RSM figures and pick up a bag of RSM Cossacks. I didn’t really have anything definite on my buy list but was pleased to spot, just in the entrance, Eagle Figures. Now I’d walked passed several times and glanced at the display stand and seem Napoleonics so kept walking! But finally I spotted tricorns and went for a little investigate…

Eagle Figures

The range has been around for a few years and was (according to the website) run by Stewart Black and Alan Mercer and based ‘down south’. The range has now been moved north and taken over by Ian McCulloch as of 1st June and, being based in Middlesbrough, the Durham show was his first outing! It was also the first time he’d really seen the show stock so was still finding his way round the trays! The ranges offered are mostly 28mm Napoleonic and SYW but also some ECW, HYW, Crimea and Moghul as well as some 15mm FPW and Naps. I only really looked at the SYW but there are some lovely figures there, especially the Prussian firing line seen here. A little search on TMP finds some nice reviews of the ranges. There seem to have been a few sculptors used over the years and some figures look a little ‘rougher’ then others but the detail and poses are good and there are some really nice figures! What really caught my eye are the SYW Armed Civilians( Codes SYWCIV1-5) and I thought straightaway that my ImagiNation of Altefritzenburg needs the loyal townsfolk to take up arms! So I just bought enough for a company to see how they paint.

The scultps are really nice and slim (and are the same style as their new Spanish Napoleonics) and I hoped they would fit in with the RSM and Minden that I use. Ian has a nice little comparison on the stand of the main manufacturers (Front Rank, Foundry etc.) but none of my regular staples. So…

Eagle Figures Comparison
From left to right: Eagle, RSM, Minden, Eagle, RSM, Huzzah, Eagle

The Eagle have quite think bases but I think they will mix rather well. I wanted to grab an officer to go with them but kept picking the ones out of stock so may go with a Minden chap. It’s nice to have some militia types that aren’t just AWI militia so if they paint up well they are likely to get brought up to the 36 figure full strength!

I’ve also been looking at dismounts for my RSM Dragoons and although I’ve ID’d a Hinchliffe horse for this I did find one here as well:


The horse is a little chunky but has the right furniture so this may be an option…

Overall I’m quite pleased to find the range and chatting to Ian he seems to have plans to expand the range so I’ll be keeping an eye open and wish him all the best with the venture. And being in Middlesbrough I can hopefully save on postage as he should be attending the northern shows I go to!


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Durham Wargames Show 12th June 2010

Managed a pass today to attend this nice little show in Durham. Lawrence (and wife) kindly gave Ian and myself a lift. The show seemed smaller this year – there was nothing happening upstairs – bit it was nice and friendly. ACW demo game by Tyneside Wargames Club in a side room, a nice 20mm Ethiopian modern game using Cold War Commander, Old Glory 10mm game, Pony Wars and a 28mm ACW game were all nicely presented with chance to chat.

Useful range of traders and enabled me to look at the Irregular 6mm modern stuff. A few nice pieces but I wasn’t overly impressed. Picked up an Osprey book on the M1 Abrams for £2 on the Bring and Buy. This was small but well organised with some nice stuff there.

Picked up a small pack of Mig-23s in 1/600 from Tumbling Dice and may use these to represent my air assets for CWC. Will try and see how it looks rather than using 1/300 models. Met up with Peeler and Norman D Landings from WD3 and had a nice chat over coffee and a scone.

Overall it was a nice day. Would have liked to spend more but to be honest, having just got sidetracked into Modern Micro armour I can’t really be having any more distractions!

Apologies for lack of photos. Didn’t take my camera and didn’t think to use my phone!

CWC Update: have finished basing my first T-72 battalion and HQ and soon should have enough for a game. Have also bought a small US battlegroup via the CWC Forums which should arrive this week. Just enough to get a game going. Really looking forward to trying the rules out. Soon… 🙂

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