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Partizan 2017

Yesterday I made the trip to Partizan at Newark Showground. I’ve always enjoyed Partizan and the new venue is excellent. Despite a soft spot for the warren that was Kelham I have to admit the new place is ideal. Easy to get to, light and spacious. Food is a little basic and pricey but as a vegan I was quite happy with my chips and beans! There was a long queue to get in when we arrived at 10:10 and that was still going at 10:30 when other friend arrived. A good sign! There were some excellent demo games and a good selection of participation games. Not sure how the latter went as it’s not something I’m generally interested in but seemed popular enough and is a good thing to see at shows.

I usually take lot and lots of pictures for show reports but of late that has become less of a priority. I tend to sort my orders out beforehand and then the event is more of a social meet up. Lots of the LAW guys present and good to see Brendan and Timmo. Had a long chart with Harry Sidebottom and picked up the first of his latest Throne of the Caesars series, Iron and Rust. I’ve read the Ballista series and enjoyed them and have been meaning to try these for a while. And it was actually quite nice to have a proper book rather than the Kindle I’ve been using of late for fiction books. Interesting as well to discuss the popularity of ‘Roman’ fiction with publishers and their preference for that over other periods despite the risk of flooding the market. I took a few pictures of the games that took my eye or were in my periods so apologies to the ones I missed out. Nothing personal! 

Graham at Crann Tara had an excellent looking game using his teddy bear fur done for our AMG games at Partizan a few years ago. This time graced with lots of his own range of figures. Excellent looking game. Just along was the Perry’s Egypt game. VERY nice figures. I’ve been following the Steve Jones’s painting of his AWI figures on Facebook and it was good to see them in the flesh in his excellent Bunker Hill game: Dave Docherty’s Sudan game was very pretty. Meant to stop and have a char but kept getting sidetracked! And the Derby Wargames Port Arthur Russo-Japanese naval game looked excellent! The League of Gentleman Anti-Alchemists put on a nice looking WSS game in 28mm:

Too Fat Lardies were in residence with two games. A Peninsular Sharp Practice game and to go with the launch of General D’Armee, Dave Brown’s new Napoleonic rules, a 15mm Napoleonic game.  Some nicely painted ABs in display and the game certainly looked the part. I have a copy of Pickett’s Charge on which these rules are based and was getting very twitchy about my off/on/off/on/off 1806 Napoleonic project! 

And a few more of games I liked the look of! The last is of Simon Miller’s ECW variant of To The Strongest. ECW is a period I’ve never been tempted by. No idea why. It’s just never clicked with me… The table looked impressive though. 

Lots more good games there as well and some pretty participation games as well. If I hadn’t spent so much time talking I’d have taken more pics! 

I had very few needs for the show and a clear mission to not start any more periods or scales! Most of what I wanted I had pre-ordered. This was the haul:

I’d arrange with Graham at Crann Tara to grab some of the new Savoia cavalry, partly in exchange for some 6mm painted Napoleonic British. And he also bought me the extra figures to make up a unit from figures I traded with Peeler in return for food! There are a couple of little packs of Perry 1st Crusade. Some Hospitilars to make up the rest of the Brotherhood of the Swan, and some more armed pilgrims so I can do serfs if needed!

The show figure was Hemingway (no use to me…) and Harry S gave me one of the Ballista figures which I might paint and chuck in with some Saxons! And speaking of which, I wanted some command type figure to go with the plastic Saxons I intend to paint. The SAGA packs were a little costly but Foundry came to the rescue with a nice command pack.

I get a little leeway getting to Partizan as it coincides with my birthday (today!) so my wife has also renewed my Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy subscription. For me this is the only magazine worth getting at the moment. And I also finally got the last of Christian Camerons’s Arimnestos books, Rage of Ares. Really enjoy these and it will be good to see the conclusion. 

And there we have it. Another Partizan. Another birthday. All good and only offset by a developing toothache!




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A Partizan Birthday!

Today is my birthday. That gave me a little leverage in ensuring I could make it to Partizan this year! 🙂 What can I say… I’ve had an excellent day. This year Partizan moved to Newark Showground. I’ve always liked the old Kelham Hall venue despite the light issues in some areas and the maze of little rooms! It has character. But I can see the reason for moving and despite some trepidation about a move to another ‘hanger’ type venue (I really dislike the Donnington Worlds venue) this one is excellent. It’s not too huge and soulless, the light is excellent and the space seems just spot on for the number of traders and games. I really liked it.

And the games on show were excellent! A fine showcase for the hobby both in display and participation games. I could have taken hundreds of pictures but in the end spent too much time talking so I only have a few of the games I sought out.

First up was Graham Cumming’s C18th bash using his Crann Tara range. There are some lovely figures in this range and it was good to see a lot of them on the table:

20160522_102945 20160522_102959 20160522_103015 20160522_103034 20160522_103043

Lovely figures…

A stone’s throw from there I was finally able to say hello to Simon Miller (To the Strongest) who had a lovely game on show with beautiful figures again:

20160522_103225 20160522_103234 20160522_103250 20160522_103257 20160522_103310

We’ll be using these rules for our Newark Punic War bash at Foundry in November. Looking forward to this.

Bit of a break to the posting here as just been sat in friends garden down the street drinking copious amounts of gin! 🙂 Now where was I….

Battle of Short Hills AWI. By Steve Jones & the Newark Irregulars. 28mm. I do like a bit of AWI…

20160522_103900 20160522_103909 20160522_103919 20160522_103932 20160522_103955

Next up was Levied Troop and the League of anti Alchemists. Calvados and Chips – 1944 France. SS Paras vs Americans with Chain of Command. LT’s games are always nice to see. Lots of details, including, in this case, the bathroom sink!

20160522_104013 20160522_104022 20160522_104224

It was good to see so many C18th games on. This one from Grimsby wargames with a 28mm Marlburian game. How can you not take a picture of that many cavalry in a melee!

20160522_104532 20160522_104558 20160522_104612

And Grimsby wargames also presented a stunning Second Anglo Dutch naval game:

20160522_104623 20160522_104637 20160522_104643

More C18th, this time 15mm and good to see a lot of Minifigs on display from… and at this point I was hoping to find this info on the Partizan website! [EDIT: And thanks to Richard Tyndall I now know this was put on by the Forest Outlaws!]

20160522_105437 20160522_105449 20160522_105517 20160522_105526 20160522_105545

In many way this was the highlight game for me. Washing peg armies!

20160522_104957 20160522_105024

Next up the Bunker had an excellent Winter ’79 game. Some lovely 20mm terrain and a good exampled of using stuff from various periods. This is a game I’d like to try but I feel it relies a lot on the terrain and I just don’t have any!

20160522_110513 20160522_110528 20160522_110537_001 20160522_110601 20160522_110612

There were a lot of excellent participation games. None if which I partook! 🙂 But some nice winter camo on display…

20160522_135052 20160522_135100

There were a lot more excellent games on display and I’m sure pictures will appear on many sites but these were ones that caught my eye.

But what is a show report without a haul! I had a few things to pick up at the show and few presents opened the day before with the family but this was the haul!


I’m slowly working my way through the Highland Park! And the chocolate…. But basically what you can see are..

  1. Odds and ends of 10mm Pendraken League of Augsburg courtesy if Goat Major and Essex Boy
  2. Foundry Norman command and Prussian Jaegers
  3. Vallejo paints
  4. The new Charles S Grant Refighting History book
  5. Some canoes for my C18th Indians
  6. I finally joined the Society of 20th Century Wargamers and May (depending on the freebies they gave out) join the Pike and Shot Society!
  7. The latest Wargames Illustrated…

And finally, my big birthday treat, the recent 2 volume Great Northern War Compendium – which looks excellent!20160522_185959Overall, a bloody good day and a bloody good birthday! I’m well impressed with the venue and look forward to next year

It was a good social event as well, seeing Iain B, Simon T, Dave H, LT, Ronan, Henry, Simon Miller, Phil O, Ian Willey, Olli, Shaun, Paul and lots more! A really good event.

Now, back to the Highland Park!


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AMG at Partizan 2015

It’s taken me a couple of weeks to get round to this. Partly due to work and partly due to being on a slight downer afterwards as it was such an excellent day and it was a shame it was over! So what was it? Well, the gentlemen at the A Military Gentlemen Forum (for people who own John Ray’s most excellent book of the same name) were putting on an C18th take on the battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras. With nearly 20 people involved and using figures from some of the finest C18th collections around it was always going to be an excellent event but it far exceeded people’s expectations and was a real showcase for the hobby.

Most of the planning and organisation was done by Graham Cummings (of Crann Tara Miniatures) who produced the excellent teddy bear fur terrain and also the leaflets available on the day. The scenarios were based on Charles S Grant’s Wolfenbuttel War book and Mr Grant himself was the main umpire as we were using The War Game rules. Here are the attendees:


  • Charles Grant
  • Adam Woolhead
  • Dave Jarvis
  • Mark Allen
  • Jim Purky
  • Paul Robinson
  • Colin Ashton
  • Dave Hall
  • Graham Cummings
  • John Ray
  • Andy McMaster
  • Gary Philips
  • Neil Cogswell
  • William Harley
  • Andrew Fielden
  • Guy Barlow
  • Phil Olley
  • Iain Burt
  • John Dougan

My part in the game was on the ‘French’ side at Quatre Bras, the smaller of the two games, allied with William and Adam and opposed by Andrew and my arch-nemesis Mr Burt! 🙂 Everyone else was on the Ligny table and I have to admit, the day was so engrossing and fun that I never really got time to investigate the other game fully so this post will really deal with my game.

Where to start…

As the morning mists cleared the French advance guard, sixteen squadrons of cavalry approached the Allied defenses.

2015-05-31 09.22.58

Time was of the essence and with the infantry advancing behind it was decided the cavalry would push forward across the stream and engage the enemy who were defending woods and buildings.

2015-05-31 09.25.53 2015-05-31 09.27.36 2015-05-31 09.28.06

The left hand squadrons began to deploy to the right rather than try and force their way up the narrow road, the remaining squadrons pushing on past the farm complex.

2015-05-31 10.05.32 2015-05-31 10.05.43

And over the thunder of hooves the supporting infantry came marching onto into sight!

2015-05-31 10.36.17 11167980_963510897015628_1644800914802490540_n

As the cavalry advanced to cross the stream they came under effective artillery fire to their front and withering musketry from the occupants of the farm complex on their left.

2015-05-31 10.52.5411351144_963510880348963_5094726509510339185_n

Eventually the left hand lancer squadrons took so many casualties they were forced to retire. But the others pushed on and across the stream. The squadrons to the right having better success as those in the center were subjected to canister, volleys and cavalry counter charges!

2015-05-31 11.33.59


Meanwhile, the infantry on the left began to drive back the troops from the woods and my own ‘Savage Swans’ began to assault began to assault the resolute defenders of the farm complex.

2015-05-31 12.08.04 2015-05-31 13.02.30

The first assault was driven back but they went in again!

2015-05-31 14.27.032015-05-31 14.27.16And were again thrown back but enraged at the injustice they went in again!

2015-05-31 15.18.03

But to no avail. The farm complex remained in enemy hands!

In the center, the cavalry battles raged as squadrons were driven back and returned to the fray, those to the right finally engaging enemy infantry and driving them off.

2015-05-31 15.15.17 2015-05-31 15.27.41But more enemy troops were arriving in support and the task facing us now seemed insurmountable!

2015-05-31 15.15.29 2015-05-31 15.15.39

Regardless, the infantry in the center pushed on and across the stream.

2015-05-31 12.29.22 2015-05-31 15.18.11

But the first unit across, assailed by musketry and canister, was charged in the flank by skulking lancers!


At this point, we decided to call it a day. It was clear we could not get anywhere near our objectives. But we’d had great fun trying! William, on the right had had better luck forcing a crossing. Adam’s cavalry finally came into play and drove off one enemy infantry unit and his infantry on the left had driven the enemy from the woods. However, the stream was the killer. There was just no time to reform after crossing before being engaged by either firepower or enemy cavalry! It was great fun playing with William and Adam and the opposition (Andrew and Iain) were gents (well, Andrew was… 🙂 ) .

The Ligny games was stunning. A superb table crammed with superb troops. Others on the forum have posted better pics and hopefully there will be something in next month’s Wargames Illustrated but these were all the pics I got.

l001 l002 l003 l004

It was a most pleasurable day. My main regret was not getting to chat and meet everyone on the other table properly. Thanks have to go to everyone really for getting there and making it so special but especially to John Ray who’s book and forum brought us together in the first place, Graham Cummings who brought the whole event together on the day, and Charles Grant for the rules, umpiring and years of inspiration. I just wish the light had been better so I could get better pictures (a couple of used have been filched from Graham Cummings blog!). John also supplied the attendees with a lovely figure of a gentlemen about  to put on his coat with the help of a servant and it was also great to meet Jim Purky (Die Alte Fritz, Minden and Fife and Drum miniatures) who had made the long journey across from the States for the event! Although Ayton was the first game that got me into C18th ImagiNations, Jim was the man who sent me my first batch of RSM figures (the Savage Swans in the above pics) which helped decide my choice of figures for the entire project!

So, there we are, a great day and plans are already afoot for AMG 2016. I just hope I can secure a pass!


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Partizan 2012 AAR – 27th May

Today was Partizan! Usually the only show each year where I get to use the car and drive down and have the day to myself! Helped this year as we temporarily have two cars! Picked up Ian at 7.30 and set off in the mist down the A1. Usual stop off for caffeine at Wetherby Services and then on to the show. Yet again this year we got lost on leaving the A1! EVERYTIME I read the directions on the show website I take “From A1 North” to mean leaving the A1 coming FROM the North not heading that way! And so every year I get to the top of the slip road and turn RIGHT!!! Please… change the text to read “From A1 Northbound/Southbound”. I know it’s probably only me but please please change it? 🙂

Parked on the grass as normal and headed in. The free figure is a nicely sculpted HM Princess Elizabeth – ATS uniform 1945. This will unfortunately join all the other show figures I ever get in my random unpainted pile! Nice, but of no use to me. If anyone wants mine drop me an email..

The show seemed quieter this year. Arrived at the same time as last year to a much shorter queue. This helped in getting round and taking pictures but I hope didn’t impact on takings. There was the usual good range of traders. I only really wanted to see Baccus and Caliver and was quite good in resisting other temptations.

Demo Games

I always like the selection of games at Partizan. The main hall can be a bit of a nightmare for taking photos as the light is not good, and the sunlight shining across some tables played havoc with exposure! I was also against the clock as use of my phone SatNav to correct the driving error hammered the battery! I did miss photos of several games. A couple due to light, and one, the big WW2 game next to Caliver because I was sure I’d seen the game at York and the battery was near gone! So apologies if your game isn’t in the gallery. It wasn’t personal!

My personal highlights were the Ottoman game put on by Derby Wargames Society. Some excellently painted figures.

The Redcar Rebels 40mm C19th game had a nice feel to it.

And it was great to see some of Tony Bath’s flats on display on the Society of Ancients stand.

I didn’t get chance to talk to the people but the Great War Miniatures WW1 game looked very good.

I had specifically gone to chat to LT running the WW2 I Ain’t Been Shot Mum game but only managed a couple of usable photos as the light meant most ended up blurred. The faux fur terrain looked good as well and not as luminous as some others on display!

Another highlight was the Westbury Wargames (I hope!) Dark Age game. Very well done figures and banners. This is a period I’d love to do but just can’t see it happening for a long long time!

The Perry’s et al had a nice looking Wars of the Roses game with some nice little ‘extras’. I’m not a big fan of the period but the game looked good.

There’s a full set of pics in the gallery section here and hopefully I’ve got the details correct.

It was also nice to see Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy putting on a game. The Wars of the Roses naval game had some nice models and seemed very popular. I had hoped to have a chat with either Jasper or Guy but only managed a brief chat with Guy as he took lots of good photos and I rushed mine with my phone!

I had a good chat with Peter at Baccus and this was where most of my money went on assorted SYW types for my Maurice ImagiNation stuff. Pete was singing the praises of the whole 60x30mm basing having seen my last post re this! I CAN see his point but I still can’t decide! In the same area was Mike Salway running the 6mm painting clinic. I had a good chat about 6mm painting techniques, different undercoat colours, different washes and some interesting ideas on basing. He’s a very nice and helpful chap! And he sculpts some mean Ottomans as well!

Final purchases were the other two Partizan Press Uniforms of the Seven Years War volumes I needed. Well, I say ‘needed’! I’m just looking for ideas for uniforms! Nice to have a chat with Dave at Caliver though. Always a pleasure. I also grabbed some odds and ends of Vallejo. I wanted to try the Deck Tan that some are using in place of White, and I needed more Black Shade and more Red Leather. I had made a list of others I needed….but left it at home!

Just before I left I spotted someone selling the Miniature Paints range. I use the Chestnut Brown with a black wash for a lot of my 28mm horses and my jar runneth dry so a good purchase!

In conclusion

It was great to meet and chat with GavinP, AndyH, LT, RtL and Eccles – fine denizens of WD3! I missed Phil Hendry. I may have seen him but I’m not sure! I also saw Andrew Hubback of Miniature Wargames around and had hoped to chat with him given my recent ‘issues’ with the magazine. But by the time I’d finished my photo rounds I think he’d gone! Next show…

It was a fun show. Sociable and friendly as ever and I saw who I wanted and got what I wanted! I hope the numbers weren’t down but I’m sure someone can confirm. Roll on next year!

Post Script: Other Games…

In my rush (why was I rushing?) to get this post up last night I realised I’d missed a few things. The Vinland game by The Bunker had some rather impressive terrain and nice figures and deserves a mention!

There was also apparently a Muskets and Tomahawks participation/demo game which I totally missed! Annoyed about that as it was something I’d seen was on and intended to check out! I think this reflects the social nature of Partizan. I seemed to spend most of my time chatting to friends and traders! Next time you see him, go and ask the guy on Tumbling Dice about scales! 😉



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Partizan Today! 2011 AAR

Just got back from Partizan and as Grimsby Mariner says in the Comments to the last post, it did seem very quiet this year. Whether this was due to Triples or just general recession I’m not sure. I THINK a bit of both with the former being the bigger impact? Either way, I still enjoyed it and it was good yet again to meet up with a few people and be able to wonder around without the mass of people/backpacks impeding every move!

I shall come to my purchases in due time but first to the demo games. These were all pretty good, but as with last year, the lighting is so bad in some places it was impossible to get a good photo. Admittedly I was only using my phone but a lot were just blurred so I’ve let them out. So, if your game isn’t here then that’s why and not some slight on my part! 🙂

First up (going by the website) is Steve Jones’ 28mm AWI game. Some lovely figures and scenery. I think they were there last year and use the Perfect Captain rules (but apparently this game used Black Powder!):

More pictures on Steve’s blog: here

Then an 1935 Italian Invasion of Abyssinia game by James Morris and friends of the Newark Irregulars:

Then a WW1 game, The French Attack, by the Forest Outlaws:

Curtey’s Miniatures Battle of Lutzen:

Now I think this was a War and Conquest game, by Scarab miniatures,

There was a well presented 28mm Comanche Moon game by Marc Williams:

And some lovely 28mm EIR in Agricola Moves North by Phil Hendry, Too Fat Lardies and Warlord (I hope!):

In one of the only rooms with decent lighting was a rather good WW2 game by North Hull Wargames. I failed to grab any literature but it did look good and the pics came out well!

Westbury Wargames spectacular Afghan War game had a couple of cracking Soviet helicopters flying over the table. And I really should know what type they are!

The League of Gentlemen Alchemists put on their 28mm DBA campaign, the Italian Job. The lighting in that part precluded any decent shots!

And over in the top room, Wargames Inc. put on a nice looking Flames of War game:

The view in to the middle hall. I’m sure I’ve got this shot from last year and it looked busier!

And from that very hall, North Star’s Death on a Dark Continent:

And finally, a spectacular Egyptian adventure, Tomb it May Concern by the South East Scotland Wargames Club:

There were other equally good looking games but the pictures are crap!

What did I buy? Well, the Deluxe British Grenadier was a must, and really looks good. With the AWI in mind I bought some Blue Moon 15mm AWI Brits in roundabouts and round hats which may become the Royal Welch. I found a green ‘close’ to my Ral Partha one but will need to try it. And finally, it wouldn’t be the same without a Slight DiversionTM in my buying some late 80’s Soviets and Brits from Platoon 20 (East Riding) to dabble with Force on Force. Now who makes a 20mm BMP-2?

So there we have it. Partizan 2011. I enjoyed the day but felt it was not as good/busy as last year. I really hope the dates don’t clash next year. There were a few traders I expected but didn’t see (Timecast) but that likely just saved me money!

I shall return next year!

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