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Partizan Today! 2011 AAR

Just got back from Partizan and as Grimsby Mariner says in the Comments to the last post, it did seem very quiet this year. Whether this was due to Triples or just general recession I’m not sure. I THINK a bit of both with the former being the bigger impact? Either way, I still enjoyed it and it was good yet again to meet up with a few people and be able to wonder around without the mass of people/backpacks impeding every move!

I shall come to my purchases in due time but first to the demo games. These were all pretty good, but as with last year, the lighting is so bad in some places it was impossible to get a good photo. Admittedly I was only using my phone but a lot were just blurred so I’ve let them out. So, if your game isn’t here then that’s why and not some slight on my part! 🙂

First up (going by the website) is Steve Jones’ 28mm AWI game. Some lovely figures and scenery. I think they were there last year and use the Perfect Captain rules (but apparently this game used Black Powder!):

More pictures on Steve’s blog: here

Then an 1935 Italian Invasion of Abyssinia game by James Morris and friends of the Newark Irregulars:

Then a WW1 game, The French Attack, by the Forest Outlaws:

Curtey’s Miniatures Battle of Lutzen:

Now I think this was a War and Conquest game, by Scarab miniatures,

There was a well presented 28mm Comanche Moon game by Marc Williams:

And some lovely 28mm EIR in Agricola Moves North by Phil Hendry, Too Fat Lardies and Warlord (I hope!):

In one of the only rooms with decent lighting was a rather good WW2 game by North Hull Wargames. I failed to grab any literature but it did look good and the pics came out well!

Westbury Wargames spectacular Afghan War game had a couple of cracking Soviet helicopters flying over the table. And I really should know what type they are!

The League of Gentlemen Alchemists put on their 28mm DBA campaign, the Italian Job. The lighting in that part precluded any decent shots!

And over in the top room, Wargames Inc. put on a nice looking Flames of War game:

The view in to the middle hall. I’m sure I’ve got this shot from last year and it looked busier!

And from that very hall, North Star’s Death on a Dark Continent:

And finally, a spectacular Egyptian adventure, Tomb it May Concern by the South East Scotland Wargames Club:

There were other equally good looking games but the pictures are crap!

What did I buy? Well, the Deluxe British Grenadier was a must, and really looks good. With the AWI in mind I bought some Blue Moon 15mm AWI Brits in roundabouts and round hats which may become the Royal Welch. I found a green ‘close’ to my Ral Partha one but will need to try it. And finally, it wouldn’t be the same without a Slight DiversionTM in my buying some late 80’s Soviets and Brits from Platoon 20 (East Riding) to dabble with Force on Force. Now who makes a 20mm BMP-2?

So there we have it. Partizan 2011. I enjoyed the day but felt it was not as good/busy as last year. I really hope the dates don’t clash next year. There were a few traders I expected but didn’t see (Timecast) but that likely just saved me money!

I shall return next year!

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Partizan, Kelham Hall – May 30th 2010

Today – assuming I get this posted today! – was my first visit to Partizan at Kelham Hall, near Newark. The show has a good reputation but was one I have never made before. It’s a fair hike from Newcastle and even when I lived in Birmingham it was a bit out of the way, but this year the kids were away with their grandparents and my wife was happy to part with the car for the day so I went for it! I did have have various meetings and dealings planned but it was nice to do something different. So at 7.30 this morning I set off, picked up Ian, and headed down the A1.
It was a straightforward journey down and the venue was easy to find. Kelham Hall itself is an interesting building. There was plentiful parking and not too much of a queue to get in. £4 was fine and the concession for ‘reluctant spouses’ might apply if I can ever convince my wife to go!
There were two main halls and then a series of smaller connected rooms.

Although the show was busy it didn’t feel too cramped although in the main halls the space between games was a little cramped at the ‘peak’ times. Lighting wasn’t brilliant but that was more from a photo viewpoint rather than for general viewing. And there was no Bring and Buy. Which, based on the last few Bring and Buys I’ve seen, was no great loss! I’ll not comment on the food as the queue was always too long to tempt me to bother! A couple of apples in my bag and a stop at services on the way home substituting!
Demo Games.
These were many and varied and too many to mention all but were all of a consistent high quality and of the ones I stopped to chat at the gamers were friendly and enthusiastic. As I had arranged to meet (a thankfully fully clothed) Levied Troop from WD3 at the 28mm AWI game this was one I spent a little time at. A 28mm games by the Redcar Rebels it used the free John Bull – Patriots from The Perfect Captain. I’ve not tried these rules but they sounded interesting and the game looked lovely.

The other AWI demo game was from Peter Pig with their new Washington’s War rules and their new 15mm range. I’ve already got a copy of the rules and there are some interesting ideas. I quite like the extra and low ammo rules! Listening to the demo/participation games the mechanics sounded smooth and I look forward to trying these out.

The new 15mm figures from Peter Pig are very nice. I picked up a few at York earlier this year and grabbed a few more today, mainly the marker packs which give interesting casualty/ammo carrying figures, plus some waving women! Nice stuff anyway and I look forward to painting them.
I’m afraid I’ll be a bit slack here and just post a few pictures of other games as in not all cases did I make a mental note of what was what!
Couple of nice 28mm ancient games:

The new WAB 2:
Excellent 28mm Sudan game:

Society of Ancients

Wargames Developments:
Rather nice Wars of the Roses from the Perry Stable…

An excellent 15mm SF game run by a very friendly crew:

Some WW2 goodness:

And two more nice games with apologies for not having the details:

There was a good range of traders and being relatively south it attracts a few that don’t normally make the northern shows. I have a relatively narrow range of interests (which excludes the current plastic fad!) but it was good to see Baccus and the new Punic War and Spanish Napoleonic ranges. These figures are bloody lovely and if I didn’t have a commitment to Punic Wars in 15mm I would go for these! And I may still be tempted by a Lasalle Spanish army at some point! Peter has done wonders for the 6mm side of the hobby and is to be congratulated on some vey fine figures…
I suppose now I should get down to purchases. These were relatively minimal as most of what I came back with was from meeting people and trades! Apart from the Peter Pig AWI I also had a few packs of mounted militia and French from Lancashire games. I picked up a copy of Cold War Commander as I have the chance of picking up some 1/300th armies soon so may give them a dabble! And some MDF bases as the main purpose of the trip was to pick up 15mm Roman and Carthaginian armies from Mark (LOSH on the GdeB forums – who I have previously bought 15mm AWI from). These are mostly Xth Legion figures and very nicely done but are based for 6th Edition WRG so will need rebasing to fit in with my existing sets. He’s also brought along his remaining 15mm AWI so I picked up some more militia and hope to grab more in the near future. As I get these rebased I’ll post some pics but here are a couple of samples.

I’d also arranged to meet Brendan (RtL on WD3 and SM on TMP) to trade some OG AWI for Polly Oliver. It was good to meet the man in person at last, as with Timmo, and reasserts that WD3 is an excellent forum!

Finally I met with Rhys from Raise the Colours who has been painting some 6mm 1806 French for me and I picked up a finished unit and left him some cavalry to paint.
A bloody good show. Good venue, traders, games. Friendly atmosphere. And I achieved all I set out to do. I’d like to go again next year but whether the star, wife and kids will be in alignment again is too far away to tell!

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