Feb 012015
Vapnartak 2015

I have returned from a most excellent day in York! Set off early this morning. 07:55 train. Managed to get cheap First Class tickets both ways which meant free snacks. But not many vegan options so just lots of free coffee! Arrived at 9am and there was a No. 4 at the bus stop so Read more…

Feb 032013
Vapnartak - York 2013

And so another wargaming year begins in the North with the excellent Vapnartak Show from York Wargames Society at the great Racecourse venue. This year I traveled down by train so I could get there early and spend the whole day and then call in at the York Tap while waiting for my train! I Read more…

Feb 062011
Vapnartak 2011 - AAR

And so comes the annual trip to York Racecourse for Vapnartak, the first big northern show. Last few years have been excellent and I was looking forward to this one, despite the restrictions imposed by my Wargaming Neutral project! Set off early with Ian and his wife Jane, who generously volunteered to drive us down. Read more…

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