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15mm Ancient Spanish

Well, having set my immediate plans for the year to be focused on 28mm Imagi-nation, Cold War Commander and 6mm I thought I’d start the year by painting some 15mm Ancients! When I was dabbling with FoG late last year I started to plan what extra odds and ends I needed to make up units and for the Ancient Spanish (and hence the Carthaginian) I needed some Balearic slingers and a couple more elements of Heavy Cavalry. I’d had these undercoated for nearly a year so figured I should get them out of the way first!

First up are eight stands of Balearic Slingers from Corvus Belli:

Followed by two extra stands of ‘large-shield’ cavalry from Donnington Miniatures.

These were to go with two stands I had done waaay back in 1994 when I played DBM in Birmingham. The old stands were re-based to match, but it was only as I re-based them that I realised the horses supplied then are much smaller than those now.

I had intended to mix all the figures but in the end I kept both groups seperate, partly because of the horses and partly because my painting style has changed!

Anyway, a good start to the year with 28 painting credits and another 2 for the re-basing. Next up? Not sure. May do some more re-basing and then make a start on the Savage Swans…

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