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The Lidl Grass Mat thing…

Willz, over on the A Military Gentleman forum and also on TWW, posted a link to the current offer at Lidl for 2mx1m artificial grass mats.

Although a little darker than I would like they are quite a good deal. I have a 6’x4′ Mat-o-War which is lighter but if I use this on the small 4’x4′ the extra length is hanging off the end, doesn’t lie flat and then adds a crease along the edge… So this mat seemed a possible alternative. As I only needed to cover the 4×4 one mat was enough and by trimming the extra there was enough to cover the lot.

The end result is OK. The joins aren’t too obvious and I think will bed in. The mats are just held in place by double sided tape.And the remaining off cut will be used for fields and the like on the other mat as it will provide a nice contrast.So all in all it will do the job for smaller games. I may use a bit of the offcut to try some light dry brushing just to lighten it a bit.

Now, I really must do some painting for Ayton!


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10mm Sudan and more fences!

As mentioned a couple of times I have a long standing 10mm Sudan project that never really seems to get going. However, I was sent some spare Brits that Slugbalancer painted and no longer needed. They had a neat paintjob but I wanted apply a wash to bring out the detail a bit more. And I was missing some command figures, and when I finally decided on basing, I needed two extra figures. I thought I had managed to match the colours quite well but on closer inspection, even with the was, they are a little out. And having mixed the figures up to base and picked them at random I inevitably put the extra figures next to each other!

Anyway, here is the unit. I may paint a few more in the same style as they are quite quick to do.

And fences.

The 4Ground fences from the last post…Far too fiddly to use on the table although admittedly OK for making curves etc. but I’ve bevelled the bases and joined them up to make longer lengths. I’ve joined the very short pieces to make corner sections. However my DecoArt Burnt Umber I use for all my bases ran out so I had to use what I thought was the same stuff but just a different make. It was different colour! More reddy. And it took ages to dry. And was shiny!! So the need to wait until I get some of the proper stuff and re-do them. I have 2 packs of the 4Ground Snake Rail fencing to do but that seems quite fiddly and time consuming. I also have two more packs of the above  so I may just rattle through that!



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Don’t fence me in!

As a change from all the Fire and Fury markers it was time to start on the fences! Lots needed to make the table look suitably ACW! I’ve got a some Irregular bits I used for my 15mm AWI and I’ve got some 4Ground fences to yet make up. But on eBay is a chap called Treefella who does snake rail fencing as finished pieces. I got 12ft of fencing and he was kind enough to not paint and flock the base so I could do that myself to match my own stuff. In return I got free shipping. Anyway, this is what they looked like on arrival.And it took a wee while to paint and flock them but I think they look OK.  Only slight issue is they are a little big for my ‘small’ 15mm figures. Better suited for 18mm/20mm maybe. But they will do!I’ve got some of the 4Ground fences that I did a test of last year.These are the very small lengths (30mm?) and the rest are 60mm. Problem is they are still short and quite light so a bit untidy on the table. So for these I’m sticking two to 120mmx15mm plasticard and shaving the edges off the sides to blend them in a little. And taking the end pole of one of them to make the ‘join’ neater. Bit more faffy but will get these done by the weekend I hope and then make up some of the 4Ground snake fencing.

Getting there…

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Well? Shall we?

Play a game that is? I decided that I needed more scenery on the table and more trees and more suitable roads and some hills… as you do… So…

Trees. I had some Bachman trees still sat in boxes so dipped them in watered PVA and stuck  them to coins and texture and flock. Gives me a few more…

20160721_002448 20160721_002454 20160721_002501

The middle trees are an unknown make but once sealed are fine.

Roads… The ones I have were made from cheap floor tiles. They work fine but curl a little and I felt were a little too big so on the suggestion of Goat Major (see his blog for excellent stuff!) I visited Fat Franks eBay store and picked up some 6mm/10mm dirt roads. These come ready painted and are a bargain! They look good. Lie flat. Job done.


Hills. I had a few bigger Purbeck hills but I painted those for desert type use. So all I had were a few small TSS 10mm thick hills. Had a look at their site and seeing as shipping was a bit much I bought a few to make it worth while!

20160722_212223 (Custom)

Far too many for a 4’x4′ table but good for future use. And the 10mm thickness lets me contour them.

20160722_212246 20160722_212728

Quite pleased…

And after the enjoyable Fire and Fury game on Tuesday I decide I wanted to try it again so have put a corps on each side…

20160722_011035 20160722_011126

I printed out loads of info for the game and charts etc. today. And left them at work… But I hope to kick this game off tomorrow!

More anon…

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Happy New Year!

A little late to the show but my great plans for painting and sorting and planning over the two week break just didn’t materialise and it’s back to work tomorrow! I’ll be doing a little review of 2014 and plans for 2015 in due course but the last couple of days I did manage to do a little sorting and tidying. The ‘game table’ got cleared and as I wanted to clear some space the old and damaged terrain tiles got sorted and cleared and I finally finished the three I needed to complete my small ‘desert’ game area. I started this ages ago…and bugger me it was in 2011 – here!!! … and I still had two large tiles and a gully to do to make it a decent size. These are now done:

2015-01-03 16.06.07 2015-01-03 16.06.13And this gives me the following play area. I’ve left the other side of the tiles green but to be honest I’m not keen on the gaps showing so I may paint the reverse of the gully tiles as well so I can do a flat surface. Large tiles are 18″ but as most of this will be for 6mm games it is fine. I also did a few of the small hill sections.

2015-01-04 17.40.12 2015-01-04 17.40.32 2015-01-04 17.40.54I also spent a little time tidying the paint desk and prepping the next lot of figures (for Ayton) and lining up some C18th, WSS and Sudan stuff! Should keep me going! The table doesn’t look that much better but it is and I’ve stored duplicate paints.

2015-01-04 17.41.13And I’ve used the top of my paint rack to hold my most common paints and triads.

2015-01-04 17.41.24So, things are all set for 2015! All I need now is a PLAN!!!



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