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2009- plans for the future

And so we come to 2009. It’s the sixth already and I’ve still to make my plans for the coming year. First off is that despite the purchase of a large 15mm French SYW army there will be no SYW painting for the foreseeable future. I really want to finish a few aspects of my AWI project beforehand and get some games in so that all the effort feels like it has achieved something! So the overall objectives are:
1 Finish the OOB for Cowpens at 1:10
I want to complete this as it was what started the AWI venture and I’m almost there. A few British Legion mounted, the 7th, the assorted militia horse and re-doing the continentals as Lights as they should be. Still a fair bit there but not too bad.

2 Finish the OOB for Guilford Courthouse
Well, I haven’t really started this yet and it stems from a desire to paint up the 23rd and the Guards. Although a lot of my militia/continentals are fairly generic I intend taking a leaf out of Gile’s book and start focusing on some specific units that are a bit different. It’s partly why I have 16 ‘converted’ figures to use a DeLanceys Brigade sat waiting to paint – and a strong intention that this won’t lead to Savannah…yet!. I’ve also picked up enough of the Minifig Continental marines to do one of the Gaurds battalions and depending on how that gos I’ll no doubt do the second. Lots to do for this anyway but the main aim for the year!

3 The Parade
Set up the terrain, lay out the figures and take lots of photos!

4 the Game
Having read and re-read the British Grenadier rules I actually want to play them! Need to do a bit of terrain work to spruce up the Purbeck blocks and add a suitably large number of trees to make it all look good but I want to do a sort of Series Replay. I’ve played Advanced Squad Leader for years and the Replays are step by step records of an entire game showing every dice roll and result. I’m not sure how much record keeping will be needed but it worth trying as a way to REALLY get to know the rules. It won’t be a big game, maybe a couple of brigades of Brits attacking several lines of Americans a la Guilford Courthouse (or if it goes wrong, a la Cowpens!)
All the above should also provide plenty of pics of Polly Oliver figures for my cataloging of that range.

So, what’s on the workbench?
Finished off 6 Continental type command figures to provide a command stand for some ragged continentals I bought off Doug and to provide and extra militia command stand. Currently painting my British CinC as I have 2-3 British brigade commanders but no the big man. Should finish him tonight so will post a pick later if done.
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Where does the time go?…

Can’t believe where the last 4 weeks have gone. Been very busy getting daughters bedroom ready in time for her 3rd Birthday today so rather than the copious amounts of blue and red planned for my redcoats and continentals I’ve been using a lot of pink! 🙂

Have managed to finish the basing I wanted done, though. My militia are now on correct size bases for BG, I have Sherburn’s Additional Regiment based up after a good eBay acquisition and similarly a rather nice ‘regular’ continental regiment. I have my converted Polly Olivers for DeLanceys ready to go and the few figures I need for more militia command stands. Hopefully will get these done over Christmas.

Main point though is that I finally have a new camera so will soon be doing the full military review of all troops! Picked up a Fujifilm Finepix S8100fd from Amazon. Paid for Express delivery for Tuesday as I was working from home. They messed it up, refunded the postage and said they were aiming for Wednesday delivery. Not good for me as supposed to be back at work. Called to ask them to change delivery to work address and after assurances they would try and then get back to me I heard nothing until I got an email saying it had been despatched – to my home!

Fortunately I was able to wangle time off work but I sent them a stroppy email about the mess up and having to take time out and how just refunding the postage didn’t really let them off the hook. And lo! Today I get an email apologising for the mess up and refunding £70 to my card! :-). So I know have an £180 camera for £110 and no shipping.

Took a couple of quick snaps of figures and things look much better so after a bit of playing I should be able to get some much nicer shots up soon.

Oh, well. Enough for now. Pictures to follow!


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Update and ramble…

Well, based on recommendations and having seen the OOB I’ve finally ordered a copy of Cowpens Battlefield: A Walking Guide by Babit. The postage is costing more than 10 times the cost of the booklet! (£2.75 for a 20p book). There are a couple of other books out there on Cowpens that I don’t have but need to do some research on whether they will really add any useful info to what I already have.

Steve, in a comment to the last post asked about figure ratios for Cowpens given the small numbers. As mentioned earlier I think, I’m doing it at 1:10. I’m also planning on doing Guilford at the same but that will need a few more figures 🙂

Next up will be the 7th Fusiliers. I’d intended to do them in bearskins as I don’t have any suitable figures in slouch hats (haven’t ordered any Freikorps yet) and the Polly Oliver figures are rather nice. However, seaching the posts on TMP someone pointed to Troiani’s painting of Cowpens showing the 7th in tricorn given their recent refit and arrival so I may just do them like that as I have a batch of suitable Polly Oliver figures prepped and ready.

The re-basing for BG is going well. Just 12 stands of militia and some skirmishers and I’m done. I still short 2-3 American command stands. Just to make the militia units more flexible. I’m also undecided about basing some of them in 6’s to give more choice? May post on the BG forum for advice.

Oh, and I’ve the Militia/State cavalry to do as well! Only 8 figures but a mix so may take longer.

My intention is to post my final OOB along with photos of each unit.

Then I may actually get round to playing a game!

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Finally some painting…

Well, after a four year lull I finally started painting again last night and tonight. I’ve had to buy some reading glasses from ASDA to make it possible (and will be getting a proper eye test soon via work!) as my eyesight has gone right down hill in the last few years…

I’ve said earlier that the von Bose unit I got from Terry was missing the last command element, the four figures of which needed finishing off. That was to be my first task. However, on starting I spotted the big flaw. And no one spotted this in the picture I posted before…the uniforms were wrong! For some reason they had red cuffs. I was sure we’d given Terry the info for von Bose but maybe he decided to do his own thing?

So, spent last night and tonight repainting the various bits and finishing off the command. They’re done now but all need rebasing as I had to bend the bases out to get to the cuffs on some figures. That is tomorrows task. I’ll then post a picture…if I can find the correct standard for the unit.

Next up will be the 71st. I’ve done two stands already and they came out really nice. Hopefully the rest will match.

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What’s happening…

Well, all attempts to keep this updated for a while have failed. My ASL gaming time has dropped to zero as I devote time to finding a job. My regular opponent has called round twice for a game and both times we just ended up chatting and never actually getting the counters out! I’m away for two weeks from Friday so it’s going to be next month at least before we even try and play again.

VASL has gone as well. I’ve been playing through the Operation Watchtower scenarios with Aaron Sibley. We’ve had some great games but this too has stalled. I’m still hoping to make Intensive Fire in Bournemouth in October but it all depends on work. If I have a job I may not have the time. If I don’t have a job then I won’t be able to afford it!

I’ve even cut down on the ASL forums. Most of the posts aren’t worth the effort anyway – harsh I know :-). But I just can’t seem to get interested in it at the moment. I’ve got various programming projects I want to try – a SASL extension for VASL, a new eASLRB, some web stuff etc. – but can’t motivate myself. I’ve just spent most of the morning reading the sections in time management and procrastination at…

Things will get going soon, I’m sure but until then all life outside of Real Life is on hold…



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Still alive and kicking

Haven’t had time to update the blog for a while but still playing. Currently working through the Operation Watchtower scenarios vs. Aaron Sibley. Lost the first 3 (AARs to follow when I get time) and then we played HS4 High Water Mark. What a dog. Aaron packed in half-way through as the Japanese. I’d managed to light up the battlefield wherever I needed, my OBA hit him in the jungle twice and when he finally got a cloaking counter ready to advance into combat one of mortars got rate 8 times including two CHs and wiped them out to a man. His small force which planned to Banzai my forward defence stalled when my sniper got his leader. With the OBA uncloaking half his force who were then faced with closing over open ground vs. my 10-2 and his HMGs there was no way they were going to take the hill and get the required exit VPs. I’ve started a thread over at the GameSquad forums so discuss this one as I’d like to see how the Japanese can win!

Will get some more AARs up in the not too distant along with an account of the Heroes tourney at Blackpool next month.

Bye for now.

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A Beginning…

And so I finally succumb to the whole blog thing. Well, second attempt really but seeing as the last only had one post it doesn’t really count. We’ll see if this one fares better…

[EDIT – added a bit more personal info to save going to the profile]

Been playing ASL on and off since the original SL in 1978. Sold all my stuff in the early ’90s and then started buying a few bits again a few years later. Then, in 2003, after venturing back into figure gaming (15mm American Revolution) a friend tried to convince me to try 15mm WW2. I thought, I can’t face painting a whole new period from scratch and if I want to wargame WW2 why don’t I dig out my ASL stuff? Started playing a bit then and was lucky to pick up most of the later modules to Gung Ho cheap at a UK wargames show Bring and Buy.

After contacting an old opponent really got back into playing. Since then I’ve acquired all the official stuff and most if not all of the Critical Hit, Heat of Battle, Kinetic Energy, and other TPP stuff. Luckily I got most on eBay before prices went silly.

Now try and play once a week and have recently discovered the joys of VASL. Hopefully this blog will chronicle my ASL exploits!

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