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Some new books and a shout out…

Been watching a few things on the evil ‘bay recently and picked up a few books – because I just don’t have enough! First up

Main Battle and Light Tanks – Marsh Gelbart – Brassey’s Modern Military

I’ve seen this book around for a while and was waiting to get it at a good price. So £4.99 with free shipping did it for me. I appreciate it probably duplicates a lot of info I already have but there is still some useful stuff on nations I’m not concentrating on at the moment. And in a similar vein and price was:


The next two were a couple of old Osprey books by Zaloga:

Modern Soviet Combat Tanks by Steven J. Zaloga
Modern Soviet Combat Tanks by Steven J. Zaloga
Armour of the Middle East by Steven J. Zaloga
Armour of the Middle East by Steven J. Zaloga

Although old books with some of the info outdated (especially the Soviet book) they do provide the usual nice pictures and ideas for painting. The guy selling these was based in Newcastle so had agreed to refund the postage if we arranged to meet and hand over the books. We finally met up and rather than faff with a refund he brought along a couple of books of interest.

The Hidden War by Artyom Borovik
The Hidden War by Artyom Borovik
Ambush Alley by Tim Pritchard
Ambush Alley by Tim Pritchard

Hidden War I had already had recommended as a follow up read to my current Afgantsy and had actually been looking for a copy in town earlier that day! Ambish Alley I’ve heard of but never read. I hope it doesn’t trigger a new project!

And finally, while in town that day I called at the book stall in Grainger Market and found a copy of:

The Bear Went Over the Mountain: Soviet Combat Tactics in Afghanistan

Again, a recommended book on the Russians in Afghanistan and a bargain at £5. I hope I can eventually find his other books on the war at a similar price…

This does make me think I should maybe base up some Soviets on more arid bases!

The Blog with No Name

I’ve known Ian Willey for a couple of years and first met him at the Heroes ASL Tournament in Blackpool where he was a pleasure to play (and lose to!). It was only later that I discovered he was a figure gamer as well. His ASL blog is worth following as well (Wall Advantage) although I don’t seem to get time to play that any more. Recent health issues have allowed more time to be spent on his gaming (though I’m sure he’d rather be shot of the health issues!) and his blog is prolific, interesting and very active. He has run a number of giveaways at different stages in the blogs lifetime and having just hit 100 followers has a new competition running. So pop over, Follow, enter the giveaway and enjoy the blog. And read through the lots of good content there!




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WIP – 15mm TFL Dux – how to base?

I have finally painted up some of the Splintered Light Miniatures 15mm Romano-British (bought in 2009 for a Dark Age project that never happened!)  for us with the new Toofatlardies Dux Britanniarium. They are nicely detailed figures. Only slightly annoying is sticking the shields on. I did glue them on first to get that metal to metal bond rather than paint to paint, which seems to have made them pretty solid.

So anyway, this post is more a basing related one – as basing is such a traumatic process for me! 🙂

A good few people seem to be basing their 28mm on 2p pieces and using the Warbases sabots. The bases are also done for 1p pieces which I assumed were for 15mm? So after raiding the kids piggy banks (it’s been a tight month!) I laid out a few coins with the figures to see how they looked:

Dux on pennies
Dux on pennies

They just look too bifg to me. The figures too spaced out? The rules group figures into sixes (or eights) and if in neat ranks are in a shieldwall formation. To me this just doesn’t look right. I know it’s only a ‘representation’ but I feel they should at least look closer together? The only other things I had lying around were some 15mm tiddlywinks I use for my 6mm FUBAR:

Dux on tiddlywinks
Dux on tiddlywinks

Which I think looks much better:

Dux on tiddlywinks
Dux on tiddlywinks

For my FUBAR I added some steel paper to the bases to give a little ‘weight’ which helped for 6mm. I think it might need something more for 15mm. And I’m not sure ALL 15mm ranges will have bases that will fit.

Anyway, open to comments and thoughts…


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WIP – Just a few more waffer thin T-80s!

I had planned to move onto something different for a week or two just to give myself a break  from the micro armour so I don’t burn out. But having taken delivery of the large batch of T-64s et al I was quite taken with the camo pattern on a batch T-80Us so fancied basing them up and also doing another batch of D-30s. This time mounted correctly!

The base models came nicely packaged and neatly painted with a sand based camo with darker brown and black patterns:


I did my usual Vallejo Sepia Wash but using the brush to lift as much as possible off the main areas so as not to darken the model too much. Then Pale Sand highlight, gel pen for markings and a mid brown for mud etc.  Usual basing.

T-80Us – new

I used the BTR-80 command vehicle to go with the tenth model for the HQ:

T-80U HQ

And here is the lot along with the D30s:

T-80Us and D-30s

The D-30s form another battery and this lot are mounted on the stands correctly. I do understand that the 120 degree mount allows all round firing but in a deployed position I think they would always choose the optimum setup:


I quite enjoyed doing these – suppose I’m getting used to them! Next up are some 15mm Roman-British for Dux.


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WIP – Even more Soviets!

You can never have too many!

Finally finished off the basing of my T-80s and BMP-2s along with the support carriers and HQ bases for the latter, and the final HQ for the T-80s using a spare model from the recent mass of lead acquired!

BMP-2s and T-80s with HQs
The three BMP-2 battalions with HQs
Three battalions of T-80s. Three different models. Front row H&R. Rest are Scotia
T-80 HQ
T-80 HQ
T-80 HQ but with a BMP-2 so it could double up
All the BMP-2s are Heroics and Ros. Nice little models
The lovely little H&R T-80 ERA
You can’t beat a lot of Russian tanks!

I’m quite pleased to get this lot done. It means I can finally fill in some more red boxes on the Painting Master Plan. I still have the infantry to do for these and more artillery assets. And the T-64s. And the various river crossing units… But I think I may paint something different next as I feel I need a change to avoid burnout!



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WIP – More Soviets – a few reinforcements…

Do I have enough Russian yet? To be honest, yes. But that doesn’t stop me getting more! A few posts on TMP about my recent updates led to the idea of getting of getting a few T-64BVs. T-64s of any kind are lacking in my current forces. I’d ordered a few of the Heroics and Ros model which is rather nice, then I was offered some Scotia by one slugbalancer on TMP. Who with evil intent also sent me a list of other models he was looking to part with. So I ended up getting a few more! 🙂

POL trailer 2
URAL 375 Tanker 1
MDK 2M rotary excavator 2
Bridge – MT-55 2
MT-55 2
MT-55 with bridge 2
PMP deployed 1
PMP Lorries – centre sections 2
PMP Lorries – ramp sections 2
TMM bridges 4
TMM bridging lorries 4
GAZ 66b Airportable 4
T-55 with dozer 4
T-55 with KMT 4
T-62M 14
T-80 11
T-64BV 21
BMP-3 10
BTR-80 command 1
BTR-80A 10
T-80U 10


Here’s the main batch of AFVs:

The main lot!

I have to admit I am particularly impressed with the Scotia T-64BV. I’d seen a pic on the 6mm Wargaming site and the casting looked a little rough but these look to be early castings when the mould was maybe better? Either way, very neat!

Scotia T64BVs – a lovely little model

At the last minute I caved in and added some BMP-3s, BTR-80s and T-80Us to my purchase. This does push the time frame for my Russians a little later but I’m glad I got those. Nice little models with a nice camo scheme. May use them for an elite little strike force!


One of the plans for my forces is to add to the support/engineering elements and this was a chance to get more bridging/ferry equipment:

Bridging assets
Bridging assets

With what I already have this should give me plenty! I may try and sort these over the next week as Skytrex still have a 20% off sale so it would make sense to buy any extras from them now.

Apart from the late kit they are all painted in a nice dark green. I think I’ll be able to get away without adding a wash and just a heavy dry brush with my usual Russian Green followed by lighter coats and highlights. The full camo kit will maybe get a thin sepia wash and a pale sand highlight.

I have to say that these arrived VERY well packaged. The turrets on most were loose and had been packaged separately to protect the barrels and MGs. This worked VERY well and of the whole package I only had one damaged barrel. Which was one of the attached ones.

Very well packaged turrets!

I have to admit, I am really pleased with this lot and look forward to basing them up and adding them to my forces!


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