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Still alive and kicking

Haven’t had time to update the blog for a while but still playing. Currently working through the Operation Watchtower scenarios vs. Aaron Sibley. Lost the first 3 (AARs to follow when I get time) and then we played HS4 High Water Mark. What a dog. Aaron packed in half-way through as the Japanese. I’d managed to light up the battlefield wherever I needed, my OBA hit him in the jungle twice and when he finally got a cloaking counter ready to advance into combat one of mortars got rate 8 times including two CHs and wiped them out to a man. His small force which planned to Banzai my forward defence stalled when my sniper got his leader. With the OBA uncloaking half his force who were then faced with closing over open ground vs. my 10-2 and his HMGs there was no way they were going to take the hill and get the required exit VPs. I’ve started a thread over at the GameSquad forums so discuss this one as I’d like to see how the Japanese can win!

Will get some more AARs up in the not too distant along with an account of the Heroes tourney at Blackpool next month.

Bye for now.

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A Beginning…

And so I finally succumb to the whole blog thing. Well, second attempt really but seeing as the last only had one post it doesn’t really count. We’ll see if this one fares better…

[EDIT – added a bit more personal info to save going to the profile]

Been playing ASL on and off since the original SL in 1978. Sold all my stuff in the early ’90s and then started buying a few bits again a few years later. Then, in 2003, after venturing back into figure gaming (15mm American Revolution) a friend tried to convince me to try 15mm WW2. I thought, I can’t face painting a whole new period from scratch and if I want to wargame WW2 why don’t I dig out my ASL stuff? Started playing a bit then and was lucky to pick up most of the later modules to Gung Ho cheap at a UK wargames show Bring and Buy.

After contacting an old opponent really got back into playing. Since then I’ve acquired all the official stuff and most if not all of the Critical Hit, Heat of Battle, Kinetic Energy, and other TPP stuff. Luckily I got most on eBay before prices went silly.

Now try and play once a week and have recently discovered the joys of VASL. Hopefully this blog will chronicle my ASL exploits!

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