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Wargaming Neutral – July 2011 Update

Available Credits -1.50
Available Funds

Bit of a delay on this one as I’ve been busy and not hugely motivated to face it! The above total has a couple of things from August included but is right to within a few quid for July. It was a quiet month really. I completed the first few 6mm SF minis for my VonDon Corp side project and have a batch of BTRs lined up which should get my credits back in plus and that has been about it! I have however managed to sell off the surplus Modern microarmour I have which has brought in £90 and in the visit this week to Shrewsbury I was given £100. In reality this will be spent on food and childcare but as it was given to me as a gift it goes in the ‘toy’ pot so has helped pull the hugely negative cash balance back in line!

Still a way to go to get back on track but getting there. Need to dig out the other spare figures I need to part with and see if that helps.

Project update and some changes (and one little ‘diversion’!) to follow…

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Wargaming Neutral – June 2011 Summary

Available Credits 12.50
Available Funds

Hmmm.. well I’ve been putting this one off for a while because I knew it was going to be bad! The killer in June was the purchase of the IDF armies. Two nice little forces, the first for ’67 and then another for ’73 with both usable for the latter. Very nicely painted by Tim at Tim’s Tanks . There is some nice stuff on Tim’s blog and following numerous emails with him I plumped for getting an airbrush. Which apart from confirming it all worked, I’ve not actually used yet! It’s time will come…

Following on from this was a chunk of AIW books (to be honest I may have under estimated what was spent here!) but at least I bought no lead! I did get some trees from a very friendly visit to Timecast while in Shrewsbury and these will form part of my slow progress to getting enough terrain to play a game!

I was uncertain whether to include the airbrush and books in the totals but they are part of the hobby so should be part of the ‘plan’! I’m not sure how I’m going to pull this back on the budget side. Getting more credits won’t be hard but selling enough may be. And with Border Reiver, Derby and Smoggycon coming before end of year it’s going to be a bit hard…

Next up on projects is 6mm buildings, some Syrians to fight the IDF, and I MAY do a few of the 6mm SF stuff I have…

Here’s to a better month of July, but seeing as it’s the 14th already and I know what I’ve already spent, I’m not optimistic!


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Wargaming Neutral May 2011 Summary

Available Credits 81.50
Available Funds

Mmmm… not the recovery month I planned! I’d hoped to sell another FWC army (the PacFed one is still available) which would have given me another £55 coming in which would have been close to breaking even. I still have other bits and pieces to sell so should manage it next month…honest…

Main expenses have been the rulebooks and my last minute collapse of will and purchase of assorted 20mm modern Soviets (and a few Brits)! I’ve managed quite a few bits of microarmour repainted and based (pics to follow) and have more nearly done. I also have a large batch of terrain bits to claim for!

Targets for June are to:

  • finish off the terrain bits
  • paint the Blue Moon AWI
  • do more micro armour
  • paint some of the 20mm modern
  • sell more stuff!

Not sure if I’ll manage all that…

Full breakdown here


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Wargaming Neutral April 2011 Summary

Available Credits 154.50
Available Funds

Not a bad month really. Didn’t get all the sales I wanted done but should get them sorted this month in time for Partizan. I have built up quite a large credit for potential purchase, mainly down to all the 28mm figures I painted for the Ayton game! I’m not sure what my plans are for this month. Maybe a lot more Modern basing and some scenery to go with it (1/300). Force on Force should arrive so will need stuff for that as I don’t want to invest in 15mm until I’m sure I like the rules.

I’m also sure there is something I’ve missed off the purchases but for the life of me can’t think what!

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Wargaming Neutral March 2011 Summary

Available Credits 55.50
Available Funds

Well, bit of a disaster on the funds front in March. Been putting off doing this update in the hope I could find some way of fudging it! March was pretty subdued in some ways. No games played. And in some ways more importantly, no lead purchased! However I succumbed to the lure of 1/300 buildings from Angelbarracks, a pile of the nice flock he stocks, and a few extras he was selling. Michael was also generous enough to include a nice selection of freebies in with the order, practically all of which I can find a use for so all in a good deal. It does bugger up my neutrality though!
I have been pushing on with my 28mm ImagiNation figures and have completed forty but as I need to base them they’ll have to go in to April’s totals. I have secured a buyer for the pile of Polly Oliver 15mm figures I have left so funds will come in, just not for a few weeks. I also have a small Modern Canadian battlegroup which will be up for grabs as soon as I can get round to taking pics, so I don’t feel too bad…
I reckon by the end of this month I can pull it back on the finance side and I’ll be well up on the credits so new lead may be in the offing for Partizan!

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Wargaming Neutral February 2011 Summary

Available Credits 29.50
Available Funds

The 1st of the month seemed to just pass me by so I forgot to do my little update. As you can see, the funds are rather diminished! Select the Wargaming Neutral link above for a full breakdown. Most of this is down to the York Show at the start of the month and the trip to Hobbycraft. I bought a fair amount at York but generally was quite restrained. The order to RSM made a small indent as well, and as ever I’ve needed more bases. It was nice to spend a little on materials for scenics as well. I should have enough now to do a good amount of roads and hedges. And I’ve still got a stack of 6mm buildings to do for Cold War Commander so no shortage of materials!

I really need to sell some stuff this month. I’ve got a small 1/300 Canadian force I may part with as I think I’m going to stick with Russians, Belgians and Brits. That MAY mean the US stuff goes as well. It’s really a matter of setting some limits here! I sorted through the West German stuff I have as well. The original plan was to eBay them but I have vague plans to just spray them green, wash, highlight and use them!

The main worry I have this month is getting the 28mm SYW stuff done for the WD3 game. I did a little more on the first twelve tonight but there is still a lot to do and the grenadiers and grenzers are still to arrive! Must just go steady and do a little at a time, each night. And maybe take a day off and have an eight hour session!

Anyway, there we are. I expect minimal spending in March, and a good increase in available credits. And some selling…

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Wargaming Neutral January 2011 Summary

Well, it’s been a good month! I’ve been cracking on with a few Punic War 15mm, quite a bit of re-basing and an AAR so the credits aren’t too bad at 53.50. The funds balance is better (£150) as I’ve managed to shift a few books and all my old medieval figures (off in the post in a day or so). I now have a good pot for York next Sunday. I don’t have a lot in the way of figures to buy. I will be picking up a few RSM as soon as I get a price.

Main things I’m after at York are MDF to make roads, and a few books. I will try not to buy much else! I’ll be taking a sub to the Classic Wargaming Journal soon and there is some ASL stuff coming out I want to get as well. Figure-wise, I’ve got 11 more Gauls done and the last two units waiting to be based. Then I hope to start on the 28mm RSMs.

Overall I’m quite pleased. I feel like I’ve achieved stuff, sold stuff and most importantly, avoided buying ANYTHING on eBay!

We shall see how February goes!…

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2011 – Wargaming Neutral Year!

First, a Happy New Year to everyone! By now I think all timezones should be there! This is just a short post to announce formally my ‘master plan’ for 2011. I posted about this originally back in July but have only just summoned up the courage to do it, and it makes sense to start with a New Year. People talk of going Carbon Neutral and the like, so for me 2011 will be Wargaming Neutral Year! I intend to make my hobby self financing and use this to drive my painting. The full rules are on the main Wargaming Neutral page above where I will chronicle my progress over the year.

The core of the idea is that I can’t buy more lead unless I’ve painted the equivalent amount. And I can’t spend any money unless I sell wargames related stuff or get given cash. But even having the funds doesn’t mean anything unless I have the credits to buy the lead!

I’ve bought far too much over the last year, most is unpainted and I have a lot that I know I will NEVER paint. I intend to sell as much as I can (lead and books for ‘dead’ projects) to fund any new purchases. To be honest I don’t want to be buying much. The main purpose is to drive my painting along so I complete some projects. I added the 10 Credits for a completed game with AAR. This lets me get some credit for getting off my arse and actually gaming rather than talking/blogging about it!

So that’s my plan for 2011. I may actually get some credits up tonight as I have some samples figures nearly done for the ‘Savage Swans’!

Here’s to a productive and ‘neutral’ 2011!

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