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Wargaming Neutral February 2011 Summary

Available Credits 29.50
Available Funds

The 1st of the month seemed to just pass me by so I forgot to do my little update. As you can see, the funds are rather diminished! Select the Wargaming Neutral link above for a full breakdown. Most of this is down to the York Show at the start of the month and the trip to Hobbycraft. I bought a fair amount at York but generally was quite restrained. The order to RSM made a small indent as well, and as ever I’ve needed more bases. It was nice to spend a little on materials for scenics as well. I should have enough now to do a good amount of roads and hedges. And I’ve still got a stack of 6mm buildings to do for Cold War Commander so no shortage of materials!

I really need to sell some stuff this month. I’ve got a small 1/300 Canadian force I may part with as I think I’m going to stick with Russians, Belgians and Brits. That MAY mean the US stuff goes as well. It’s really a matter of setting some limits here! I sorted through the West German stuff I have as well. The original plan was to eBay them but I have vague plans to just spray them green, wash, highlight and use them!

The main worry I have this month is getting the 28mm SYW stuff done for the WD3 game. I did a little more on the first twelve tonight but there is still a lot to do and the grenadiers and grenzers are still to arrive! Must just go steady and do a little at a time, each night. And maybe take a day off and have an eight hour session!

Anyway, there we are. I expect minimal spending in March, and a good increase in available credits. And some selling…

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Wargaming Neutral January 2011 Summary

Well, it’s been a good month! I’ve been cracking on with a few Punic War 15mm, quite a bit of re-basing and an AAR so the credits aren’t too bad at 53.50. The funds balance is better (£150) as I’ve managed to shift a few books and all my old medieval figures (off in the post in a day or so). I now have a good pot for York next Sunday. I don’t have a lot in the way of figures to buy. I will be picking up a few RSM as soon as I get a price.

Main things I’m after at York are MDF to make roads, and a few books. I will try not to buy much else! I’ll be taking a sub to the Classic Wargaming Journal soon and there is some ASL stuff coming out I want to get as well. Figure-wise, I’ve got 11 more Gauls done and the last two units waiting to be based. Then I hope to start on the 28mm RSMs.

Overall I’m quite pleased. I feel like I’ve achieved stuff, sold stuff and most importantly, avoided buying ANYTHING on eBay!

We shall see how February goes!…

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2011 – Wargaming Neutral Year!

First, a Happy New Year to everyone! By now I think all timezones should be there! This is just a short post to announce formally my ‘master plan’ for 2011. I posted about this originally back in July but have only just summoned up the courage to do it, and it makes sense to start with a New Year. People talk of going Carbon Neutral and the like, so for me 2011 will be Wargaming Neutral Year! I intend to make my hobby self financing and use this to drive my painting. The full rules are on the main Wargaming Neutral page above where I will chronicle my progress over the year.

The core of the idea is that I can’t buy more lead unless I’ve painted the equivalent amount. And I can’t spend any money unless I sell wargames related stuff or get given cash. But even having the funds doesn’t mean anything unless I have the credits to buy the lead!

I’ve bought far too much over the last year, most is unpainted and I have a lot that I know I will NEVER paint. I intend to sell as much as I can (lead and books for ‘dead’ projects) to fund any new purchases. To be honest I don’t want to be buying much. The main purpose is to drive my painting along so I complete some projects. I added the 10 Credits for a completed game with AAR. This lets me get some credit for getting off my arse and actually gaming rather than talking/blogging about it!

So that’s my plan for 2011. I may actually get some credits up tonight as I have some samples figures nearly done for the ‘Savage Swans’!

Here’s to a productive and ‘neutral’ 2011!

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