AAR – J103 Lenin’s Sons : Turn 3

German Turn 3

As Turn 3 commenced the Germans again fail to repair their MMG although the scouting HS in the north returns to the fray. The broken Russian squad, running back to the safety of the buildings are rallied by the ministrations of the commisar.

The firebase in the building decide to hold fire until a target appears and so opt for Opportunity Fire. The advance then continues as the recovered HS charges down the woodland path straight into the hidden Russians in M8 only to be pinned in the N7 brush as the wood line erupts with fire.

In an attempt to pressure the troops on the hedge line a squads breaks from the woods on the southern edge and charges towards the enemy. As they reach the edge of the small woods they are subjected to sudden and deadly mortar fire from directly ahead and half of them succumb to a Critical Hit whilethe remainder, exhausted hit the ground behind the woods.

In the north the main advance then continues. As the first troops approach the MLR in the north they face heavy fire and break under the pressure [Above]. As the remaining troops followed up behind the Advancing Fire they poured in was ineffective and before they could close on N9 for some Close Combat the Russians fled in disarray! Attempts to supress the mortar failed miserably.

The Germans then advance to face the Russian line and try and draw them into combat. In the building the firebase moves together with a clear line of site to the open spaces between the woods and the building to try and interdict any Russians fleeing back from the woods.

End of German Turn 3

Russian Turn 3

At last the right spanner was found and the MMG was repaired! The broken troops in the north obviously need more encouragement and refuse to return to action.

Yet again the Russians pull back, denying the Germans attempt to come to grips. With no real target the Defensive is ineffectual and minimal.

End of Russian Turn 3.

AAR – J103 Lenin’s Sons : Russian Turn 2

Yet again the Russians fell back, although too rapidly in one case losing dummies moving in LOS. The firebase, despite having failed to find the right spanner for the MMG, managed to rattle the Russians im M3 revealing a MMG. Seeing this, Germans on the edge of the woods opened up on this new target, breaking them.

End of Russian Turn 2.

AAR – J103 Lenin’s Sons : German Turn 2

With the Russians choosing not to stand and fight the only option is to push on. I’d read a comment somewhere about the Germans needing to make 3 hexes a turn to leave them time for the assault on the village. If the retreat continued at this pace I should be able to keep on schedule.

After breaking the MMG trying to rake the hedge line the advance continued in the woods with the HS scouts probing the concealed Russians. Finding nothing real in Q6 but running into an ambush in the north, breaking and falling back in dissaray.

The advance continued and feeling confident that the southern woods were lightly held the scouting HS advanced too far, falling prey to elite Russians and dying amongst the trees.

End of German Turn 2

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