Quick Question


Quick question. Situation as below:

Units inAA7 Assault move into Z6.

I can strip concealment as they cross the open AA7/Z6 hexside?
I can snapshot at 4 flat?

I know it probably seems obvious but my brain hurts this morning!

[EDIT] Found the rules reference:

A12.141 says that :

A Snap Shot attack opportunity is not sufficient to cause the moving unit to lose its concealment unless the attack generates a “PTC” or better result.

So no ? loss and my FP attack would be 2FP flat



Heroes 2007, Blackpool, UK. 8th-11th March

I’ve posted an AAR for last weekends Tournament on the GamesSquad Forums here. I’ll try and post some more detailed stuff re the playtests here when I get time. It was a great weekend.

I’m currently doing battle with my PC and laptop at home. The joys of being a Linux user! I’m also working on an eASLRB. I have a nice Javascript based one that is missing images and won’t run in Firefox but is nicely searchable! And on older V1 HTML only one that is more complete but obviously out of date. It does provide me with a lot of the images I need for the other one though.

Anyway, enough ramblimg. Need to go and sort out Java on my AMD64 machine…

Still alive and kicking

Haven’t had time to update the blog for a while but still playing. Currently working through the Operation Watchtower scenarios vs. Aaron Sibley. Lost the first 3 (AARs to follow when I get time) and then we played HS4 High Water Mark. What a dog. Aaron packed in half-way through as the Japanese. I’d managed to light up the battlefield wherever I needed, my OBA hit him in the jungle twice and when he finally got a cloaking counter ready to advance into combat one of mortars got rate 8 times including two CHs and wiped them out to a man. His small force which planned to Banzai my forward defence stalled when my sniper got his leader. With the OBA uncloaking half his force who were then faced with closing over open ground vs. my 10-2 and his HMGs there was no way they were going to take the hill and get the required exit VPs. I’ve started a thread over at the GameSquad forums so discuss this one as I’d like to see how the Japanese can win!

Will get some more AARs up in the not too distant along with an account of the Heroes tourney at Blackpool next month.

Bye for now.

AAR – J103 Lenin’s Sons : Turn 5

German Turn 5

This time the broken troops rally and sensing victory the Germans move in for the kill. With Germans closing in on the J7 building the Russians fire to little effect and break their LMG as the leader and engineers place a Demolition Charge on top of them! Advancing from L6 to K6 a squad takes heavy casualties and breaks as it encounters Russian Assault Engineers, the remainder dying as moredefensive fire pours into them. Expecting the Russians to have withdrawn to the buildings the squad from K10 encounters Russians on the edge of the wood and breaks in J9. And finally, their task done, the last squad in the building abandons the LMG and rushes to join the battle.

The Demo charge explodes, breaking the elite troops in the building. Meanwhile, in L6 the flamethrower is finally brought into play and the Russian Assault Engineers in J5 cannot take the heat and break.

End of German Turn 5

Russian Turn 5

Again, German troops seem reluctant to rally in the north and the Russians begin their defence of the southern buildings, eliminating the HS in K3. While in the north, the Russians in the G8 woods break under fire forcing them further back into the woods. The Russians juggle their defences and prepare for the final stand.

End of Russian Turn 5

AAR – J103 Lenin’s Sons : Turn 4

German Turn 4

With time pressing it’s finally time for the Germans to make a more aggressive move and force the Russian hand a little. First the outer Russian defences are probed in the woods with the HS ending broken in M8. Then the HS in the south makes a dash for the abandoned Russian MMG.

In the south, seeing a chance to move and realising they may miss out on the action the leader of the firebase take 2 of his squads and rushes towards the enemy. In the main woods the Germans begin to close on the Russians who surely now must stand and fight. Trying to push troops through the centre and drive a wedge between the northern and southern Russian forces the Germans move into the brush only to be ambushed by hidden Russians in M5!

Sheltered by the treet the troops go to ground and as the HMG fire stops they realise they have taken no casualties! Although the advance into the brush has stalled the remaining troops close in and try to loop round the northern flank of the Russians. However as the troops in N5 prepare to take on the newly revealed target the HMG barks out again and both squads scatter in panic!

Advancing fire from the only adjacent squad has no effect. Meanwhile, in the woods the newly revealed troops in L7, incensed by the incoming fire, go Berserk!

The broken troops pull back to P7 to await a leader to bring them to order while seeing their first real targets, and not wishing to endure a HMG at so close arrange, the engineer squad moves into Close Combat, the leader in M7 leads his troops against the Berserk Russians and the suspected Russians in L8 are shown to be phantoms!

The close combats are short and very bloody. The berserk troops are cut down and eliminated before they can attack the hated enemy. While the engineers, although greater in numbers, are wary facing the HMG crew, leader and hero. But the Russains seem scared to close (rolled a 12) and the engineers, although only inflicting minimal casualties (CR) are please to see all fall before them! (Random Selection. Three 1s!).

Things begin to look bad for the Russians as Fate has dealt them a terrible blow!

End of German Turn 4

Russian Turn 4

The broken German troops seem reluctant to rally but others search out and take over the abandoned Russian MMG and HMG.

Once again, in the woods, the Russians pull back to make a final stand and defend the village. Some get caught running through the orchards and break under fire.

End of Russian Turn 4.

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