10mm AWI Game at Pendraken Birthday Bash

This was the 10mm AWI game I played at the Pendraken Birthday Bash against GavinP and Goat Major. I took the British left flank with four battalions and a single gun. In true British style I basically marched straight across the river, deployed into line and then went at them! Meanwhile on the right, GM sent Jaegers and Indians in advance of his crossing the river. The Americans on that flank failed their first two command roles and so their arrival was slow.

On my flank they were pretty well deployed as I went in. The Rifle unit stopped and held one of my battalions in melee for several turns (which we thought a little strange) and the American skirmishers shielded their line from my first volley, pulled back, then opened my units to the American volleys. Despite taking hits I sent two battalions in, one dispersing the opposition, the other held.

At this stage my brigade became shaken and the longer line of the Americans began to turn my flank with things looking bad. I had managed to shake their light brigade though. As the Americans finally came on and deployed on the right, GM pushed forward with Jaegers and Indians enfilading the line and volleys saw two units collapse. With two of their three brigades shaken the Americans were defeated!