6mm Early Byzantine

As you can tell by my forum name, I’ve always had an interest in Early Byzantine armies and Belisarius. This originated from reading Robert Graves book, Count Belisarius. I’m a Graves fan anyway (have pretty well a full collection) but this, and the Roger Lamb books are my favourites. I was tempted to do an army in 15mm, partly as Pete at my club had sculpted his own figures, and partly after seeing the Khurasan range which are rather nice! As I always tend to paint both sides I couldn’t face doing two full 15mm armies so I considered doing them in 6mm. Baccus is usually my range of choice and Peter was helpful in picking out suitable figures from the Late Roman, Goth and Sassanid ranges.

As I was going through an Impetus phases I opted for 60mm bases. In the end I only managed to complete three! One of bucellarii and two of mounted archers. These latter had small bucklers added with green stuff.

Overall I was pleased with what I’d done and at some point I will revisit the project. Just not for now…