Well, eventually I suppose it will go somewhere. And for these poor Carthaginians this one definitely doesn’t lead to Rome! Anyway, my visit last weekend to Poundland/Poundworld was a bit of a disaster when looking for magnetic paper etc. but I did end up picking up a pack of four vinyl floor tiles for, obviously, a pound!

Now my first test with these is to use them for roads. They are fairly thin, flexible and the ones I bought were wood effect with six 50mm strips so you don’t even have to measure to cut, just cut along the line, with scissors if you want a rougher edge.  So I cut one strip. The tiles are self-adhesive so just peel off the paper and then scatter ballast material/sand (I used the former in fine and medium mixes) over the adhesive. I then used a spray can to roll over the top to press the sand in place. Let it dry.

I had intended spraying adhesive over this as well but the stuff I have seems to come out in strands so was no good! Instead I just sprayed the whole thing with Army Painter leather brown spray. Let it dry properly, then dry brushed to match the bases I use for my figures. Then PVA along both edges and flock to give a grass verge. Once dry, spray the lot with matt varnish to seal it.

And we have:


It’s thin, flexible and I should get 6ft out of one tile! The others will provide some curves, junctions etc. Then I plan to do some thinner strips, use a very fine sand/ballast, spray black and dry brush grey for modern roads for my micro-armour. And then a few more for fields/rough ground.

Not too bad really for a pound…

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  1. That´s what is really good about this blogging game…seeing other peoples ideas on doing stuff, especially the things that are bloody cheap and turn out so effectively.

    Paul´s Bods
  2. I'm not sure on that yet. Still need to doa test piece. The ones I've done are 50mm wide. I think I'd do 40mm for 6mm and maybe a wider verge with hedges? Not sure… Hedges would maybe help rigidity. The vinyl is a litle brittle but should stand up to normal use. I just need to see how easy it bends/stays bent such that it sticks up too much to make it usable. I'm optimistic though!


    Andy McMaster

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