6mm DPM Tester

I’ve been wanting to paint some infantry to go with the pile of British armour I’m gradually painting/basing but have put it off and off as I couldn’t decide how to paint them. Various people have suggested just painting them green as they would likely be in NBC suits. Others have said that at the … Read more

Border Reiver Haul

Having spent the last week with the family up the coast at Low Newton, we vacated the cottage this morning and headed back to Newcastle. After dropping my daughter off at the stables my wife dropped myself and my lad Zach at Gateshead International Stadium around midday for Border Reiver. This is likely to be … Read more

A Trip Up the Coast

Today we all went up the coast to Holy Island. I’ve been once before for a weekend Viking ‘event’ and the place was heaving and I didn’t get chance to get to the castle. Today was a little quieter and we managed a nice wander around the priory and then walked along to the castle. … Read more