Voici venir les éclairs!

In other words – allowing for the language limitations of Google – more Belgians! These are the continuation of the support elements for the 17th Armoured Brigade:  First up are the M75s that will carry my Engineers. These are a lovely little model from Scotia and I’ve already bought another ten as apparently I can … Read more

Minor update – no pics…

Life has been hectic. Work, kids, Christmas prep… so not getting as much progress as expected. Have some support elements for my Belgians part done. Some jeep based Milans, M109s, M75s for my engineers and have converted some M113s to have twin turrets with a .50cal and a Milan mounted. Did the Milans with green … Read more

Belgians…Preparing for war!

Well, I’ve finally got round to doing a photoshoot of my gathering Belgians. I wanted to wait until I’d got a few more done before posting. I’m basing it around the 17th Armoured Brigade which had two tank battalions and two mechanised – one of which I’ve still to do. I’ve still got a few … Read more

Little Update…

Had hoped to have some pictures of stuff by now but work, kids and life are getting in the way. So here’s a quick update on progress and purchases: Belgians – progressing nicely. Finished another tank battalion and a mechanised battalion and some support elements. Working on the CO stand. Can’t quite get the look … Read more