AAR – J103 Lenin’s Sons : Turn 5

German Turn 5 This time the broken troops rally and sensing victory the Germans move in for the kill. With Germans closing in on the J7 building the Russians fire to little effect and break their LMG as the leader and engineers place a Demolition Charge on top of them! Advancing from L6 to K6 … Read more

AAR – J103 Lenin’s Sons : Turn 4

German Turn 4 With time pressing it’s finally time for the Germans to make a more aggressive move and force the Russian hand a little. First the outer Russian defences are probed in the woods with the HS ending broken in M8. Then the HS in the south makes a dash for the abandoned Russian … Read more

AAR – J103 Lenin’s Sons : Turn 3

German Turn 3 As Turn 3 commenced the Germans again fail to repair their MMG although the scouting HS in the north returns to the fray. The broken Russian squad, running back to the safety of the buildings are rallied by the ministrations of the commisar. The firebase in the building decide to hold fire … Read more

AAR – J103 Lenin’s Sons : Russian Turn 2

Yet again the Russians fell back, although too rapidly in one case losing dummies moving in LOS. The firebase, despite having failed to find the right spanner for the MMG, managed to rattle the Russians im M3 revealing a MMG. Seeing this, Germans on the edge of the woods opened up on this new target, … Read more