A few more troops and vignettes added.

Having done the big parade I still had a few things I wanted to add. Altefritzenburg has no jaegers as such. So I grabbed some of the Crann Tara Freytag Jaegers. Did separate officers and bugler so I can use for Sharp Practice. I’ve also done a couple of vignettes. First, the Altefritzenburg High Command. … Read more A few more troops and vignettes added.

The Great Rebasing 2020

Five months since my last post! Shocking really! 14th November… How the world has changed in five months…The initial delay in posting was just slow progress. I had a couple of blog posts I wanted to do (the Durham Lard day and a great weekend in Newark and Lincoln) but never got them finished. Part … Read more The Great Rebasing 2020