More troops for the King…

Well, finally saw Terry last night and picked up some figures and more Purbeck Terrain – some I think is Gary’s so if you’re reading this, I have it on loan now :-). Figures consist of… Hessians – von Bose. Old Glory figures. British Legion Cavalry. Polly Oliver figures.Still lots more to paint for Cowpens! … Read more

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More on the rules. The quick reference sheet is available for download but I’ll gradually reproduce and comment on them in posts here. Training 1stClass Grenadiers, Light Infantry, Guards 2ndClass Regulars, Hessians, Continentals, Rangers, Jagers, British Legion foot, Queen’s Rangers 3rdClass Raw Regulars, Veteran Militia, Loyalists, Mountain Men 4thClass Militia, Inexperienced Loyalists, European-led Indians 5thClass … Read more

More books added to collection…

Just took delivery of: McGuire, Thomas J. (2007). The Philadelphia Campaign: Vol. 1. Brandywine and the Fall of Philadelphia. Stackpole Books. McGuire, Thomas J. (2007). The Philadelphia Campaign: Vol. 2. Germantown and the Roads to Valley Forge. Stackpole Books. Wilson, David K. (2008).The Southern Strategy: Britain’s Conquest of South Carolina and Georgia, 1775-1780. University of … Read more


There are many basing conventions based on rules used and personal preference. Do the rules work with elements or with individual figures as well? Standard frontages? Is the size of the frontages important and dependent on figure ratio and ground scale used? I remember reading Bruce Quarrie’s guide to Napoleonic wargaming and the calculations used … Read more