A Weekend of Rampant CoC! – Part 1

I have just returned from a most excellent weekend of gaming in Newark. Organised by Simon (Goat Major) in celebration of his hitting 50 last month it saw a gathering of ten LAW forum members (Goat Major, Paul, Count Belisarius, Purps, GaryP, Levied Troop,  Buff Orpington, World2Dave, Essex Boy and Norman D Landings) along with Simon’s son George and his friend Louis at … Read more

Secret Santa and Another Slight Diversion…

I have yet again enrolled on the excellent annual (could it be otherwise?) Secret Santa from Ian Willey’s The Blog With No Name and administered by his good lady, Cath. It’s nice to get something toy related as a surprise and also fun to pick something nice for someone else. It also seems a custom to … Read more