A bit of a break…

I’ve moved house. NEVER again! 🙂 I had to stop painting and my regular updates at the start of May ready for the move on the 14th. And it has taken until now to start painting again… The old mojo just went walkies. So much stuff to unpack and a smaller space to fit it … Read more

Hello 2021!

Assorted family stuff over the holiday period meant I didn’t really get time for a 2020 retrospective and less time to lay out New Year Resolutions. But here goes now… 2020 – not the year we all had planned. The pandemic has had a HUGE impact on everyone in normal life and hobby life. I … Read more

Lockdown Lessons Learnt

How long has it been now? Twelve weeks? Seems both longer and shorter! Sometimes like it’s always been like this! Either way, as with lots of people, I’ve been able to get lots of hobby stuff done. Not as much as the efforts of some but I’m pleased with what I’ve done. Unfortunately, I’ve failed … Read more