Been wargaming since I was a kid (age 10-11). Started with Airfix then on to metal. Long periods of inactivity with real life taking over but have managed to keep the interest going. Last few years the main activity has been ASL but then I started resurrecting my figure gaming by completing my AWI 15mm armies and my 15mm Punic War armies. And like a good wargamer I have been distracted by new projects! And ASL has taken a bit of a backburner. So now I have lots of Modern microarmour, some 6mm SF and despite my best efforts to avoid 28mm I have a small but growing 18th century ImagiNation force!

I live in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Have a very game tolerant wife and two great kids both of whom I hope to entice to some form of gaming when they get older. I still buy ASL but play very rarely now but hope to return to a more active ASL life soon. I don’t get to play as often as I’d like, but the games I do get are fun and make all the modelling, painting and blogging worthwhile!

This probably qualifies as version 4 in my gaming blog lifetime. I started off my first blog in 2006, ASLStuffAndNonsense devoted to Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) and cataloging the various VASL games I played and the tournaments I attended. When I moved back into figure wargaming in 2008 I started a new blog AWIStuffAndNonsense which chronicled my emerging interest in the American War of Independence and the creation of my 15mm AWI armies. And in true wargaming fashion my periods and scales expanded as I took up a number of other interests and so to record each slight diversion from the current project, in June 2009 I moved the content of both blogs to Another Slight Diversion using Google blogger again.

The blog was for me a great success. I don’t get a lot of time to actually game so it has let me record what progress I have made with various projects and to write AARs of games and shows. I averaged about 60 visits a day and as of 26/01/2012 I had 171 Followers – something I was really proud about. So why change? Well, I want to develop the blog into more of a website as well where I can record non-date related aspects of my hobby, add some galleries, detailed sections on armies and also develop my 28mm ImagiNation –  the Burgraviate of Altefritzenburg.

So the blog will be a work in progress and hopefully will see more regular updates.