Ayton 2011

The Ayton 2011 game came about after various posts and ideas on WD3 got out of hand and ended up with Henry Hyde agreeing to run a campaign and game for a collection of WD3 members. The full details of the run up are best read about in the first of Henry’s write-ups in Battlegames issue 26. The campaign moves and account of the big game itself are covered in issues 27 and 28. There are various posts within the Wd3 forum if you want to follow the machinations in detail and also some posts on Henry’s blog. Here is Henry’s excellent map of the campaign area.

Main campaign area in Granprix
Main campaign area in Granprix (Copyright Henry Hyde and used with permission)

It was by far the best weekends gaming I’ve ever had.Excellent figures. Excellent company. And an excellently run campaign that all came together for the climactic battle on day 2.

My contribution was the forces of the Burgraviate of Altefritzenburg – the famous Savage Swans. The account of their actions on the day are told in the Journal of Private Rüdiger Lamm. As history is always written by the victors, and his perspective is a little limited, his view of events may not agree fully with other participants. He also has little to say on the events to the west so I will have to leave that to what can be gleaned from the official war artists and the pages of Battlegames.

So for those interested, the crucial links are:

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Ayton Day 1 Gallery

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And despite the interesting hill walking of the Bolyn Regiment the cavalry of the Gateway Alliance did stellar service! Some pics courtesy of Henry of Theobold’s Charge.

The 2012 game is set to go in the first weekend of May where the war moves to the exotic land of Byzarbia.