Von Don Corp. – new recruits

Finally added a few more troops to the Sikarra contingent of the Savage Swans. The full contingent now looks like this: I’ve added the Scout Squad with their HPW – Heavy Personnel Walker. In my original C18th forces the scouts were Native Americans so I’ve tried to retain this link by adding ‘warpaint’ to their … Read more

On the workbench…

Well, lots of other people just do these posts so I may as well introduce a little consistency, plus it means I’m more likely to make more regular posts as I’m not restricted to finished stuff! The 6mm scenery continues as I’ve based up the rest of the trees I have (now need more!). The … Read more

1/300 Terrain WIP

Over the last few weeks (months?) I’ve been slowly trying to build up my terrain for my modern (and soon to be WW2) micro armour games. I’ve yet to tackle buildings but have made up some roads, hedges, woods and pylons. Felt it was time to get a few pics up while I work on … Read more

Timecast Goodness…

I’ve paid a couple of visits recently to Timecast in Shrewsbury, mainly to pick up trees and to chat about techniques and things. They’ve always been very helpful and I have a small pile of their buildings waiting to be painted! In the meantime, for use in out Cold War Commander games, Ian had commissioned … Read more