Von Don Corp. – new recruits

Finally added a few more troops to the Sikarra contingent of the Savage Swans. The full contingent now looks like this:

I’ve added the Scout Squad with their HPW – Heavy Personnel Walker.

In my original C18th forces the scouts were Native Americans so I’ve tried to retain this link by adding ‘warpaint’ to their helmets.

I’ve also added a heavy support AFV:

And an ARV – Airmobile Recon Vehicle:

And for all of them I’ve added a little static grass to the bases to give a little contrast, including the original batch of figures:

I’ve got a few more to do and then on to some opposition.

In the meantime I’ve finished of the other M48s for the IDF. I’m still waiting on some matching sand so I can base to fit in with what I have. I’ve got about five little pots of sand and none of them match!

More to follow…

2 thoughts on “Von Don Corp. – new recruits”

  1. I agree, nice work. I have FWC rules and can't decide if I should just use my mechwarrior clix, cause I'm not sure i want to paint a future army…or get some sci fi minis.

    I don't have much time to paint anyway, so I always cringe a bit at the thought of pulling away from my original WWII painting goals to paint something else.

    Ah, the tough decisions of the miniature world.

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