And there’s more!

Following the altercation at Eadric’s hut Brother Simon continued to make his way south towards the monestary where he spent so little time. As the stream wound round again he started to cross at the ford. Only to be confronted by three Normans, obviously not common soldiers. Simon de Bouc Majeur had got word from … Read more

And a few more bits!

I seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment. Back for the Lion Rampant game at Ayton last year I needed a few ‘command’ figures for my Normans and in the end decided I would create The Brotherhood of the Swan as some religious forebears of my C18th Savage Swans! I … Read more

A Dark Age Update…

I’ve been plodding on with y Dark Age project and painting more Saxons. Despite having almost finished off another batch of Fyrd I decided to drop all my current stuff for this project (the Saxons and the Normans from Ayton last year) on the table to take some pics. Just to see how it was … Read more