A Dark Age Update…

I’ve been plodding on with y Dark Age project and painting more Saxons. Despite having almost finished off another batch of Fyrd I decided to drop all my current stuff for this project (the Saxons and the Normans from Ayton last year) on the table to take some pics. Just to see how it was coming together.

Normans and Saxons clash

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Quite pleased with the progress I then set about finishing the basing on the Fyrd so I could add them. Along with a couple of character figures. I then took delivery of  the Gripping Beast Dark Age Archers set and realised the Saxons had no missile troops to combat the Norman archers and crossbows. So I then painted twelve of them in one day. It’s a nice box set. There are only three poses and some of the heads appear a little small to me but with a growing plastic spares box it was easy to vary them a bit. So then I was ready to post some pics of them. But no! Wait! Today I took delivery of some Last Valley scenery so I thought I’d lay some of that out to take pics of the new stuff…

And on the bridge are Eorconweald and Aethelwald of Steadwick, the rather stubborn and belligerent Viking (and most other things) hating brothers!

I’ve got a few more bits of stream and a load of hedges. I quite like the stuff and for the price it us pretty good. I’ve got some civilians to paint and a few odds and ends of Normans and then, as I keep saying, I really must play a game!!!

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  1. Yes, Last Valley terrain makes even throw away games look good!
    I like the new guys! Go forth and pillage!

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