C19th ImagiNation continues…

My foray into recreating my Altefritzenburg C18th ImagiNation in the C19th for this year’s Ayton game continues, this time with the Jaegers. These are the 1st Battalion of the Altefritzenburg Jaeger Brigade.  The figures are Spencer Smith Classic  Franco-Prussian War Prussian Jaeger. They are in the traditional Altefritzenburg green and red. I kept the jackets … Read more

Call to Muster 2013

Today was a quick trip down to Middlesbrough for A Call to Muster 2013. This was at the same venue as Novembers SMOGGYCON and was a return to the show scene of the organisers of the Stockton shows which finished a few years ago. I really liked the Stockton shows and they were the regular … Read more