Savage Swans – A Hundred Years On

So much for my New Years Resolution of more regular blog updates. Fatjerm it has been six weeks since I last blogged and I have sinned… well, probably not, but I’ve been less than productive on the painting front! Despite the impending big game in Ayton and the shed load of stuff I need to paint I’ve done very little. However, over the last couple of weeks I finally made a start on some Spencer Smith Franco-Prussians which I am using for the C19th representation of Von Donovan’s Savage Swans. The C18th version were RSM miniatures, Austrian Musketeers:


and I wanted to keep the vaguely Germanic theme and pointy helmets do the job!

IMAG3370 IMAG3371I’ve only painted twelve so far (three more stands to do) but it’s a start. I have Jaegers and artillery and uhlans to do next! And almost six weeks left to do it all!

No problems…



2 thoughts on “Savage Swans – A Hundred Years On”

  1. Well it’s a good looking bunch, I am afraid I can’t send you any good painting vibes as I am worn out LOL

    But I am soon to start the hill village we traded


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