October Update 4 – Size matters….

This post is mostly about the first few Syrians I’ve finished, a few issues re basing and my quandary over using GHQ or not! First up, Syrians. I’ll be expanding the Syrian part of my updated Painting Master Plan soon but to start I went for a batch of T-55s. These are Skytrex models and … Read more

October Update – Part 3

Bit of a quiet night. Kids in bed. Wife in Manchester. Had thought of heading to attic but by the time kids were settled, I’d eaten and then tidied up, it’s really too late. And as I have to do battle with the kids in the morning I’m intending to head to bed. So, purpose … Read more

FUBAR – SDF and SovCorp done!

Having finally amended my Painting Plan I thought I would have a little burst of effort and get the pretty well final batch of models done for this stage of my FUBAR project. First up are the Sikkara Defence Force (SDF). I’ve used Adler vehicles with Dark Realm Miniatures(DRM) buggies and Federation Mid-tech infantry. These … Read more

October Update – Part 2

First up, a welcome to Gauntlett, my 160th Follower. And visits have now topped 54,000 so despite the slow progress and lack of big updates and AARs recently it is nice to see people still popping by. Gauntlett’s blog has some nice little posts on Force on Force and also some pics of the Mars … Read more