Wargaming Neutral May 2011 Summary

Available Credits 81.50 Available Funds -58.28 Mmmm… not the recovery month I planned! I’d hoped to sell another FWC army (the PacFed one is still available) which would have given me another £55 coming in which would have been close to breaking even. I still have other bits and pieces to sell so should manage … Read more

Partizan Today! 2011 AAR

Just got back from Partizan and as Grimsby Mariner says in the Comments to the last post, it did seem very quiet this year. Whether this was due to Triples or just general recession I’m not sure. I THINK a bit of both with the former being the bigger impact? Either way, I still enjoyed … Read more

Partizan tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning I shall arise at the crack of dawn (no real change there with two kids!) and depart in the car to collect Ian and head down to Newark for Partizan. I went for the first time last year and really enjoyed it and am looking forward to tomorrow. Spending has had to be … Read more