Partizan Today! 2011 AAR

Just got back from Partizan and as Grimsby Mariner says in the Comments to the last post, it did seem very quiet this year. Whether this was due to Triples or just general recession I’m not sure. I THINK a bit of both with the former being the bigger impact? Either way, I still enjoyed it and it was good yet again to meet up with a few people and be able to wonder around without the mass of people/backpacks impeding every move!

I shall come to my purchases in due time but first to the demo games. These were all pretty good, but as with last year, the lighting is so bad in some places it was impossible to get a good photo. Admittedly I was only using my phone but a lot were just blurred so I’ve let them out. So, if your game isn’t here then that’s why and not some slight on my part! 🙂

First up (going by the website) is Steve Jones’ 28mm AWI game. Some lovely figures and scenery. I think they were there last year and use the Perfect Captain rules (but apparently this game used Black Powder!):

More pictures on Steve’s blog: here

Then an 1935 Italian Invasion of Abyssinia game by James Morris and friends of the Newark Irregulars:

Then a WW1 game, The French Attack, by the Forest Outlaws:

Curtey’s Miniatures Battle of Lutzen:

Now I think this was a War and Conquest game, by Scarab miniatures,

There was a well presented 28mm Comanche Moon game by Marc Williams:

And some lovely 28mm EIR in Agricola Moves North by Phil Hendry, Too Fat Lardies and Warlord (I hope!):

In one of the only rooms with decent lighting was a rather good WW2 game by North Hull Wargames. I failed to grab any literature but it did look good and the pics came out well!

Westbury Wargames spectacular Afghan War game had a couple of cracking Soviet helicopters flying over the table. And I really should know what type they are!

The League of Gentlemen Alchemists put on their 28mm DBA campaign, the Italian Job. The lighting in that part precluded any decent shots!

And over in the top room, Wargames Inc. put on a nice looking Flames of War game:

The view in to the middle hall. I’m sure I’ve got this shot from last year and it looked busier!

And from that very hall, North Star’s Death on a Dark Continent:

And finally, a spectacular Egyptian adventure, Tomb it May Concern by the South East Scotland Wargames Club:

There were other equally good looking games but the pictures are crap!

What did I buy? Well, the Deluxe British Grenadier was a must, and really looks good. With the AWI in mind I bought some Blue Moon 15mm AWI Brits in roundabouts and round hats which may become the Royal Welch. I found a green ‘close’ to my Ral Partha one but will need to try it. And finally, it wouldn’t be the same without a Slight DiversionTM in my buying some late 80’s Soviets and Brits from Platoon 20 (East Riding) to dabble with Force on Force. Now who makes a 20mm BMP-2?

So there we have it. Partizan 2011. I enjoyed the day but felt it was not as good/busy as last year. I really hope the dates don’t clash next year. There were a few traders I expected but didn’t see (Timecast) but that likely just saved me money!

I shall return next year!

9 thoughts on “Partizan Today! 2011 AAR”

  1. Glad you enjoyed the show! I was using Black Powder for my AWI game.

    More photos on my blog


  2. Look like a great show, I've only been there once and that was a few years sgo now, the photos look great, espacailly that farmhouse complex in the WWII game.

  3. Hi Andy – thanks for giving me a taste of what I missed!

    BTW the Attack helicopter is a Mil Mi-24 (Cyrillic: Миль Ми-24, NATO reporting name "Hind") (courtesy Wikipedia!)-so you can sleep easy now!

  4. Those are Mi-24 Hind D's I have had the fortune/misfortune of seeing them up close, back in the day…the early 90's.

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