First game of the year!….sort of…

Today I had my first game of the year, though it wasn’t quite what I had planned! My lad Zach has been pestering me for a while about how I play MY games and will I show him. So, as per the last post I acquired some plastic Germans and Soviets and we set up … Read more

Plastics are obviously not for me!

Now, I just can’t be doing with all tis new plastic stuff. I picked up a few a while back and just could not be faffed with sticking the bloody things together. And I am a big supporter of the whole ‘heft’ argument. They just don’t feel right to me. And that’s the crux of … Read more

On the workbench… Feb 2012

As work has been busy recently I’ve not made as much progress on various projects recently but have been slowly pushing on with stuff for the Ayton game. I have a unit of 36 RSM Ottomans on the go but decided to finish two to completion to see if I was happy with the colour … Read more

Veltrim for desert terrain

A while back when I was trying to sort out some desert terrain by repainting my Purbeck Terrain tiles someone suggested using a material called Veltrim as a base cloth (mainly for 6mm games). Before Christmas I tracked down a supplier on eBay (toeragstruckmats). The Sand colour I wanted was out of stock but they … Read more