Plastics are obviously not for me!

Now, I just can’t be doing with all tis new plastic stuff. I picked up a few a while back and just could not be faffed with sticking the bloody things together. And I am a big supporter of the whole ‘heft’ argument. They just don’t feel right to me. And that’s the crux of it really. I, me. My opinion. Some of them are lovely sculpts. I’ve seen them with lovely paint jobs and they fully hold their own against their leaden brethren. But pick them up and the illusion is shattered. For me… 🙂

So today, my little lad (four in June) was pestering me to show him how I play me games. Now I’m far too much of a coward  to use my own painted kit so I promised him we’d go to town and buy some ‘soldiers’. So in to Model Zone we went and after a lot of ‘discussion’ and dragging him away from the expensive Action Man type models, we came away with a pack of Revell WW2 Germans and Revell Soviets. I’ve got a couple of Corgi tanks I thought we could use as well. So this evening I unpacked them and tried to set up a little table for a game tomorrow. And then I noticed (and this is the reason for the mini rant) that the Soviets were bigger than the Germans. Then I spotted I’d got a pack of 1/72nd and a pack of 1/76th! Now, not a big deal for playing with a three year old, but I’d casually though we could paint them at some point and use them for ‘proper’ skirmish’ games. Damned annoying!

The Germans are quite nice. The Soviets less so. Less defined detail and half of them need sticking to bloody bases! I was really hoping no glue would be involved! Still, I suppose they will do the job and let him try and paint some as well.

Game report to follow if we don’t fall out when I destroy his troops with my superior tactics!


3 thoughts on “Plastics are obviously not for me!”

  1. Well, to be honest there’s nothing I dislike more than sticking together *metal* miniatures. I always end up with the same number of bits of metal but with my hands stuck together.

    Anyhow, as I’m sure you know these 20mm 1/72 plastics require a particular approach for painting, which starts with a thorough detergent bath.

    • I usually try and avoid sticking together of any kind. I’ll live with a spear and occasionally a shield but draw the line at heads and arms! Annoyingly, half the bloody Russian pack come with separate bases! And the two glues I’ve tried just won’t stick them! May just order another pack of a different type…
      Not sure when I’ll get round to painting them. May let the lad have a go as he can be quite neat when he has a mind to!

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