FUBAR – Progress report

After a little delay in getting this lot finished I’ve finally got a few opponents for VonDon Corp. Not quite enough for a game as I need scenery still but progress. But first things first.VonDon Corp LogoI’ve wanted a logo to attach to images so that I can reduce it down and use is as … Read more


Despite working in IT I’ve always avoided a lot of the trends and technologies that become popular. I’ve only recently started using Facebook in any meaningful way. Admittedly I’ve blogged for a while! And I don’t Twitter! Never. Ever. Podcasts I’ve seen around for quite a while, both from the gaming viewpoint and from the … Read more

Border Reiver 2011

And so the first Saturday in September comes around and we have Border Reiver again at the Newcastle Metro Arena. I usually make it down for doors opening but a lie in and a last minute decision to finally accept that the Cold War is over and reduce my lead stockpiles meant I I was … Read more