I only came to build a bridge….

… and ended up blowing the bloody doors off! Natal Province – March 1879 While out shooting some local wildlife/natives I saw our scouts returning in haste, reporting Zulus to the north, “Fousands of ’em, sir”. Bagging a last gazelle for supper I returned to the camp to raise the alarm but was pleased to … Read more

AAR – SMOGGYCON 2011, Middlesbrough

Today I returned to Middlesbrough. It was the third SMOGGYCON Show. I’d been to the first and really enjoyed it as an excellent replacement for the defunct Stockton Shows. Good venue, keen organisers and good selection of traders and games. I missed last year as snow prevented Norman D’s BMW sporty thing getting out of … Read more

Little Update November…

Been a little bit of a slow week. After the flurry of activity getting the boards done I’ve pretty well done sod all all week! The good news about Battlegames was welcome and hopefully there will be another update soon from Henry. Had a few arrivals on the reading front. Cold War Gone Hot for … Read more

Battlegames Magazine – SAVED!

Meant to post this last night, but Henry announced yesterday that Battlegames magazine is in the process of being taken over by Atlantic Publishing to be a stablemate to Miniature Wargames. The full announce is here. There have been corresponding posts on TMP, WD3 and assorted blogs and Facebook and as to be expected the … Read more