Battlegames Magazine – SAVED!

Meant to post this last night, but Henry announced yesterday that Battlegames magazine is in the process of being taken over by Atlantic Publishing to be a stablemate to Miniature Wargames. The full announce is here. There have been corresponding posts on TMP, WD3 and assorted blogs and Facebook and as to be expected the response is a big Hurrah! It is really good news. For Henry, to allow his baby to carry on and to get his life back in order. For us, to get an excellent magazine back.

The intention is for Henry to remain at the editorial helm and for the style and content to remain. And there is the intention for Issue 27 to be available by Christmas/New Year. There have already been a few comments on mailing lists that the result of this will be a merger of the two titles at some point – as happened with Battle for Wargamers and Military Modelling all those years ago. I don’t see this happening for two reasons. One, Henry would not hand over the mag if he thought it was going to ‘change’. Battlegames has a unique approach to the hobby – not entirely Old School, but far from the current glossy approach. Two, well actually I can’t think of two! 🙂 I just trust Henry’s decision and that Andrew Hubback and Atlantic don’t have an ulterior motive!

I don’t know whether they intend to use their marketing clout to push the magazine into Smiths. It would be a risk as the increase in print run and costs would put a lot of pressure on its success. I think it could work. As a bi-monthly, especially if alternated with Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy there would still really be only three mags on the shelves per month and I know a few wargamers who buy the Smiths mags regularly but don’t really know about Battlegames so there is a good potential market out there. Then again, they may just keep things as they are. Either way, I’m please to see the mag saved and with Henry and Atlantic the best for a successful future.

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