RPT2 Kerepesi Cemetery

Played this on Wednesday against my regular opponent Neil Brunger, our first game after a few months break. We were both a bit rusty on the rules but it’s a relatively straightforward one so few problems were encountered. The Hungarians setup well back but with a small force in J5 to keep me straight. MMG … Read more

What’s happening…

Well, all attempts to keep this updated for a while have failed. My ASL gaming time has dropped to zero as I devote time to finding a job. My regular opponent has called round twice for a game and both times we just ended up chatting and never actually getting the counters out! I’m away … Read more

Quick Question

Hi, Quick question. Situation as below: Units inAA7 Assault move into Z6. I can strip concealment as they cross the open AA7/Z6 hexside?I can snapshot at 4 flat? I know it probably seems obvious but my brain hurts this morning! [EDIT] Found the rules reference: A12.141 says that : Quote: A Snap Shot attack opportunity … Read more