Battleground 2016

Today I hired a little car and took myself down to Stockton-on-Tees for Battleground 2016, organised by Pendraken Miniatures.  This is the last show of the year for me and always a nice little event. The venue is easy to get to, lots of parking, cafe nearby, and a good size hall with good lighting. It’s … Read more

15mm Odds and Ends

I’ve spent the last week re-vamping the eBay cavalry I bought and finishing a couple of odds and ends following the Newark game. When I re-did the Carthaginian command stands I took the two generals off their Cav(O) stands and added some standing figures to mount them on round bases. This left four Carthaginian cavalry … Read more

eBay Union Cavalry

I’ve been planning on doing more cavalry for my Union forces for a while and have some more 2nd Gen Minifigs lined up. However, I spotted this lot on eBay the other day and thought they were worth a punt. 2nd Gen Minifigs and reasonable paintjob. Admittedly yet another blue but I can live with … Read more

10th Anniversary!

In all the frenzy of getting ready for the To The Strongest game in Newark I totally missed that 10th November was the 10th Anniversary of my entry into the blogging world! Back then my blog (ASL Stuff and Nonsense) was devoted to ASL (Advanced Squad Leader) – still my favourite boardgame system even if … Read more