To The Strongest – Newark 12/11/2016

Had a most excellent day gaming with Simon Tonkiss, Iain Burt and Dave Hall at the Wargames Foundry venue just outside Newark. We have been discussing and planning this for a while as we all have suitable forces for 15mm Punic Wars – some more than others… and Simon and Dave have done a good … Read more

To The Strongest – Ready

Well, after a bit of a stressful frenzy I am ready for tomorrow’s To The Strongest game at The Foundry. The legion I had painted back in 1973 has had shields repainted and been re-based. From this: To this: I’ve never been happy with the brown shields so now seemed the right time to make … Read more

Preparing for To The Strongest

Next weekend myself, Essex Boy, World2Dave and Goat Major will be gathering at the Foundry venue in Newark to play a big game of To The Strongest. Myself and Dave have quite big 15mm Punic War forces, Simon has a good few as well and Iain…well…Iain has a few Greeks…a very few Greeks… Dave and … Read more

Union…and on…and on…

Another little flurry of ACW activity. The remaining Zouaves. I only had five stands of the Zouaves in kepi which were part of the original Minifigs force. Seen in foreground here with the lone standardbearer: Not really enough for a unit for RF&F so I managed to acquire some more of the figures via a … Read more