To The Strongest – Ready

Well, after a bit of a stressful frenzy I am ready for tomorrow’s To The Strongest game at The Foundry. The legion I had painted back in 1973 has had shields repainted and been re-based. From this:


To this:

20161111_123747 20161111_123702

I’ve never been happy with the brown shields so now seemed the right time to make the change.

All my generals were based for DBM (mostly Cav(O)) so I wanted to make them look like ‘proper’ generals so moved them to round bases and painted another couple of foot figures to give me a third base.

20161111_123722 20161111_123738

And while sorting through the figures for Saturday’s game I found a load of slingers and Carthaginian cavalry that needed re-basing. I also needed to re-base the Carthaginian generals and paint up the foot figures needed for them. And also to do a Spanish sub-general…

20161111_123608 20161111_123635 20161111_123645

So for having NOTHING to do for the upcoming game this is what I ended up doing…


Looking forward to the game which is now today as I fell asleep while typing this last night!


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