Soviet Offensive ends in disaster!

Commander Petya Sergetov Executed Initial TASS Report LD281720 Moscow TASS in English 1717 GMT 8th June 1986 Following the disastrous attack against American forces in West Germany on 7th June 1986, Commander Petya Sergetov, commander of the 4th Combined Arms Army was executed for military incompetence. His valiant troops were led into a trap, suffering … Read more

For Sale – 25mm Medieval Hinchliffe and Minifis

Having started to clear my medieval bookshelf I’ve decided to have a purge on the medieval figures I have. These are some of the figures I started wargaming with many many years ago! I’m not really sure on value but figure on 30-40p a figure/horse? If you want an idea on shipping then a foot/mounted … Read more