CWC – Soviet 2nd Echelon units…

Had these sat around for ages waiting to be based. They are pretty well the last of the Soviets that came with my big purchase last year. I’ve touched them up a little and weathered them and based them.

Two battalions of T-62s:


and some BTR-70s – I think 🙂


Pretty sure all models are Skytrex. I have another batch of T-62s waiting to be painted to make it up to the full Mech Regiment.

Next big game of CWC due on Sunday and I’m not expecting it to go well!

6 thoughts on “CWC – Soviet 2nd Echelon units…”

  1. Really smart looking work Andy,
    We have a load of these lying around my brothers loft somewhere. May just see if he wants to get them out and have a go with them.

  2. Discovering Cold War Commander has been great for me. Straightforward rules, quick and easy to play. Go dig them the models out and give it a go!

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